082 | Caroline Dooner part 1 on Body Image, Creativity, & 'The Fuck It Diet' - Katie Dalebout

082 | Caroline Dooner part 1 on Body Image, Creativity, & ‘The Fuck It Diet’

Caroline-Dooner_avatar_1432421720-277x277I was excited about interviewing today’s guest for weeks. She is seriously so cool and I am a huge fan girl, so naturally I had a lot of questions to ask. We ended up speaking for over 2 hours late one night so I’m actually having to split this episode into 2 parts, the first of which is airing today and covers the first part of Caroline’s story with dieting and restriction as well as some deep talk on body image and weight. If you don’t know Caroline, you’re missing out but no worries after these two episodes you’ll get to know her really well. She’s the ultimate triple threat, an actress, signer, and emotional freedom from food and anti- dieting coach as the founder of the Fuck It Diet. Her approach to food and weight is amazing and her 10 day free mini course on a diet recovery is super awesome. She also offers this rad soul recovery program that is changing lives left and right by helping people tune into their creativity as a way to heal their relationships with themselves, their bodies, and food. 

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Notes from the show:

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My favorite lines & nuggets of wisdom: Some of them are TWEETABLES…Just click right on ‘em!

“In regards to restriction it’s not the food, it’s the state of mind about the food.”

“When you’re living for the future, it never happens.”

“It’s not the weight-loss habits that matter, it’s the way you live your life. It’s the quality of life that you are giving yourself.”

“The more you accept yourself, and love yourself, and want the best for yourself, and are not judging yourself based on how you look, how you weigh or how well you did on your diet today the more likely you are to eat balanced foods.”

“It’s essential for progress on issues, to have people on both sides defending human rights.”

“Your body is so much more powerful and able to regulate in a way that we think is broken.”

“Its not that we are afraid of being fat, it’s about what we make fat mean.”

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