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1000 GOAL + THANK YOU + A Few Links


I freaking love you guys so much. I’m so grateful that you visit Wonderland – daily, weekly, accidentally (welcome), or occasionally. I love it here so much and that is because of YOU.


A few weeks ago I set a goal with my friend to get my Facebook fan page to one-thousand ‘likes’ by December. It’s a place where I share positive messages, real-time musings, Instagram photos, podcasts, recipes, and posts that inspire me in the moment. It is truly a fun place to hang, so from a very genuine place I wanted everyone who visited Wonderland to also connect with me there, because if you like it here you’ll love it there!  When I set this intention and tossed this Moby song quote on my vision board I was literally blown away at how the Universe showed up and supported this intention I set for myself.


While we’ve not quite there yet (two-more days) I’m super close & that’s because of YOU. My community, peers, mentors, & friends rallied around me, supported me, and helped me to get so close to this goal that I can taste it and I know I will be there by December now.

I tell you this story as a example of the power of asking. When you put out in the world what you desire, believe you are worth it,and manifest it, you literally can call it in and that’s what I’m doing. It was just the example I needed to prove this stuff really works. If you want more proof check out this blog post of Kris Carr’s & this book that is full of experiments that you can try yourself to prove the law of attraction.


Here are a few helpful links for Thanksgiving:

Tips to avoid overeating and feeling sick!

Scientific proof Gratitude is good!

How-to handle the holiday’s with Gabby!

MY UPCOMING LECTURE!!!!! Please sign up if you are local! It is this coming Friday at my yoga studio! Details below! I’d love to meet you there! xxoo



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