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16 Things I Tried in 2016

Today I have a special end of the year podcast episode. I recorded this episode last night on a whim as I was reflecting on all the things that have happened in the past year.  In many ways this episode is me ‘letting it out’ and sharing with you in audio format a final journal entry for the year. Below you will find a quick list of the 16 things I tried over the past year. I elaborate on each one more in the podcast so be sure to listen to the episode as well. And if you feel up to it, as a bonus exercise, grab a journal and take a few minutes to reflect and let out some of the things you tried this year too.

16 Things I tried in 2016 and suggest trying…

  1. Travel alone. Go on trips by yourself. Visit friends.
  2. Meditate. Learn and actually work it into your routine.
  3. Switch up your hair. Trust your hairstylist.
  4. Say Yes. Do things that you might on want to leave the house for. (dates, classes, meet ups,)
  5. Say no. Be protective of your time.
  6. Put happiness above health and don’t feel guilty about that. (spoiler alert: that actually is the healthier thing for you.)
  7. Make new friends and reconnect with the old friends.
  8. Walk. Walk. And walk some more…
  9. Make up games. Say jokes and puns when you think them. Be silly.
  10. Go to the movies, watch movies, and talk about movies.
  11. Cook healthy food and share it with people.
  12. Have sleepovers with everyone.
  13. Exercise in ways you actually like.  The best exercise for you is the one that is convenient for you.
  14. Listen to a lot of podcasts. They’re my favorite way to learn and feel less alone.
  15. Listen to a lot of music It will give your life a soundtrack.
  16. My ‘Go-To Cocktail’ for feeling good –>Read or listen to You Are A Badass & watch “HappyThankYouMorePlease”



Remember — “Stagnation is the only thing we should fear.” 

Wishing everyone a happy 2017!

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3 thoughts on “16 Things I Tried in 2016

  1. Great list!

    For #8, try taking walks with no bags, satchels, pocketbooks, etc. With no weight to carry, you can walk easy and free. Notice differences, and how a bag creates asymmetries in your posture.

    For #13, what would you do for exercise if it involved “play” and “curiosity?” Try out that parkour class? Go hiking? Get into a pick up ball game? Go join that group of seniors doing tai chi in the park every morning? Be willing to admit you are just plain bored of what you are “supposed” to be doing 🙂

  2. I love this Katie! Especially the traveling by yourself goal. To me, that would freak me out. Now that we are a few months into the new year, I think the biggest thing for me in 2016 was meditation as well. Mediating really helped me learn to forgive people I had so much useless anger towards.

    I know I’m late to this post, but wishing 2017 is as great as 2016 was for you!

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