3 Reasons Why Cold Showers Are Hot - Katie Dalebout

3 Reasons Why Cold Showers Are Hot

I’m always cold. Like so cold.  To the point where it is actually a problem. This winter I found a practice that has really been amazing in not only keeping me warm, but also improving my skin, energizing me, and helping me bust through fear. Cold Shower Therapy is practiced by people everywhere and the benefits are vast and amazing. When I first heard about this practice, I completely ignored it because I thought since I was constantly  freezing it wasn’t something I could handle. However, I learned that this therapy would actually improve my circulation and help with my issue of always being cold. I explain more specifics and give 3 reasons why I love this practice now and how to do it in this video. Cold Showers can be taken at any time of day whether you’re typically an evening showerer (like me) or a morning shower taker, the cold shower will meet the energy level that you need, so if you’re getting ready for bed it will relax you and if you’re starting your day it will energize you. Try out cold showers for yourself and tell me what you think.

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