Announcing My New Fragrance - Katie Dalebout

Announcing My New Fragrance

Ever since I was wee I wanted to be that person who smelled really fantastic all the time. Someone with a signature scent.

You know those people who walk in a room and their strong, nasty, synthetic, smell lingers and reeks up the place?…SO NOT LIKE THAT. Actually the opposite of that. Those types of synthetic, strong perfumes make me light headed and not in a good way.

Rather, I’m talking about people who have a light beautiful, clean, natural aroma that you notice when you hug them and makes you want to be close to them just to get another whiff. That’s the scent I wanted.
& I always thought it would be cool to design my own fragrance.

Well my friends’s at Good Medicine Beauty Lab (who I love remember this podcast?) made that possible for me.

I’m so happy to introduce you to:

WONDER by Katie Dalebout

an all natural, organic, handmade, premium essential oil blend fragrance with zero synthetics and zero things that are bad for you in it. Guys- I worked so hard (just kidding it was all really fun) and long (it did take a REALLY long time to get it perfect though) on this with the lab making sure it was as awesome as I wanted it to be. I can confidently say we made magic! I hope you like WONDER this as much as I do.


Shop for it here & TREAT YO SELF and/or get it as a gift!
oh and TODAY IS THE DAY to grab it though because my code: “wonderland” which ALWAYS gets you 15% off today (Black Friday) ONLY gets you 40% OFF! Not joking so grab the fragrance today + stock up on all your Good Medicine products for that matter.
Hope you guys like it! Let me  know what you think. We will all smell alike, how cool // weird?  But I love it.


oh ps. here’s the little note you get from me when you order it! 

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