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April Monthly Meanderings

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New month and not just any month, my birthday month and that means stellar Monthly Meanderings. If you’re new to WW-land, Monthly Meanderings are things that have genuinely inspired or intrigued me around the web over the past month. Comment below what is inspiring you around the internet lately. Have an amazing time meandering the rest of what the internet has to offer until I see you back here in Wonderland. Keep in touch with me on Facebook & Instagram (above are some Insta-glimpses into my past week or so) until we meet back here in WW-land next week (or sooner).

A song for you meandering time. 

-Have you seen my How To Be Happy Video yet?

-The latest WWRadio episode was quite controversial as it discussed SEX. Have you listened? She has a rad Sex & Medicine Summit going on right now too that you should for sure check out.

-Is your relationship with exercise healthy? Get honest like my friend did in this post. 

My cliff notes to Moon Phases and why they are important to understand. 

RAD ted talk I dig his podcast London Real too. You should check that out as well.

You can have no clue how beautiful you are by looking in the mirror. 

My interview on Mindful Meals. 

The most amazing Oprah interview ever, she is in the hot-seat and inspires like a boss. 

-One of my favorite people (and podcast guests) ever Quinn is hosting this awesome summit you absolutely must check out! I’m a speaker too!

How yum does this smoothie look. omg. 

Watch the beginning of this video (first minute or so). Josh Randor explains why Happy Thank You More Please is my favorite movie. So good.

Prepare to laugh so hard. Elna Baker is an amazing storyteller and I love her.

-My girls at Imbibe Skincare lowered their prices to make their natural high-vibe organic goodness more accessible. Gotta love em. We talk, they listen. So cool of them.

-One of my best friends, Simi (it’s her Birthday today!) launched this amazing course, Finally Free which is a virtual Health Coaching program that will help you ditch diets and become an intuitive eater once and for all. Check it out.

Frizzy hair? Here are your natural solutions. 

-Want more meanderings? Here’s last month’s incase you missed them!

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One thought on “April Monthly Meanderings

  1. I so look forward to your meanderings (they usually take me on a journey for 30 minutes or more … ha!). Thank you so much for this fun, informative, beautiful list you’ve curated.

    The music vid for ‘Cadillac Girl’ has Katie written all over it – dreamy and beachy and sunny! love it!

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