Be a Firework - Katie Dalebout

Be a Firework

Just wanted to say a quick 4th of July hello, so you didn’t think I got lost in Wonderland. I’ve been all over in my adventures lately and don’t worry I can’t wait to still tell you all about them, but until then I just wanted to pop in and say  Happy 4th of July!

Here’s my beautiful patriotic breakfast at home. Green smoothie creation I shared with my mom & matching fruit bowls. A great festive way to start the day. How are you spending today? Here are some festive healthy recipes & the top 10 Katy Perry Firework covers!

Today’s fireworker  smoothie:

handful of blueberries

& strawberries

1 banana

head of kale

1 pear

bunch of spinach


and fruit bowls topped with a spritz of lemon, hemp seeds, ground flax (get those Omega 3s), and cinnamon

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6 thoughts on “Be a Firework

  1. Happy 4th to you! I’m taking most of those items (in their whole form) on my upcoming flight. Representing the red, “white, and blue foods in international waters! xo!

    1. awww love it!! Safe travels! I was just thinking about you! finally editing our beautiful conversation! xxoo

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