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welcome back.

I’ve done a Monthly Meanderings for a real long time. It’s a way for me to be your internet tour guide show you all the things I’ve read / heard / watched recently. Until next time keep in touch on Facebook & Instagram or maybe explore the archive of my podcast or read my book.




// to read

-I always ask people about their morning routines because I think it’s nosey, fascinating, and inspiring. This website takes that question to the next level. I could get lost on here forever.

-I’ve probably shared this before but I don’t care, love this. 

-This study was impactful for me healing my eating disorder. It’s crazy the stuff we do to our bodies under the veil of dieting that is worse/ more restrictive than what the men in this medical study had to do. Past podcast guest Kelsey does such a great job summarizing the findings of the study which perhaps the most important study on the mental, physical, and social effects of food restriction.

-Another really important article where past podcast Guest Kelsey Miller interviews fellow past guest on my podcast Melissa A. Fabello. They talk about thin privilege and it is a must read.

-I really love that Elle Fanning likes REALgirl Empowerment Programs as much as I do. 

-How awkward are you? this quiz will tell you…

Bodies are not resumes. 

-For local people how cool is this Flower Week my friend Lisa is doing, let’s all go.

-Totally into this trend. I want to host these here. Will you come?

-One of my favorite people and thrilled to say soon-to-be podcast guest (it’s already recorded just waiting to release what I have already recorded in order), Josh Radnor now has a stellar newsletter which he’s calling his ‘Museletter’ and whenever it pops into my inbox (monthlish) it’s a good day. Get on it here. 

to listen //

-I was on Shawn and Jade’s podcast The Model Health Show last week, listen here. 

-I was also on my friend Meg’s show The Nourished Podcast, listen to that one here.

-My episode of the Wilder Podcast… for sure one of the best conversations I’ve had in a while. so fun.

-This wasn’t me on this episode but I especially loved the most recent episode of Jess Murnane’s One Part Podcast this week.

-Especially loved this week’s episode of Alexi’s podcast with Aya Cash too.

-My favorite human Tavi was on Anna Faris’s podcast this week.  aka highlight of my week.

-Are you listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast? Just making sure because it’s amazing and you should be.

-This week actor and director John Krasinski was on Fresh Air and it was one of my other favorite things I listened to this week. He seems like such a smart, humble, kind man. I look forward to seeing his new movie he was promoting too, looks fantastic.

-Not a podcast…the three seconds of my day where I’m not listening or recording podcasts I’m listening to music. Here’s the fall playlist I’m starting, not sure how great it is today but it will evolve if you want to follow.

// to watch

-I’m loving this series on British Vogue by Camille Rowe about wellness and health so much.

-My Columbus vlog if you haven’t already seen it. & Traverse City too.

-Okay wow I so love Laura Miller and her new series, ‘Talking in Circles’ is the coolest thing I’ve seen on the internet in …maybe ever.

-Sharing this funny video because I loved this movie and because if you watch until the end you’ll see the other reason…

-Writing a song in 20 minutes can be done.

-Did you love Curious George as much as I did as a kid? Of course you did. Support this cool doc about the creation of it.

-Three movies I loved and highly recommend this summer: Captain Fantastic, Tallulah, and Don’t Think Twice (Tallulah is streaming on Netflix, the other two are in theaters now)



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Katie WONDERS No. 010 | July Gratitudes ft. Summer Essentials, Jen Sincero, Local Friends, Hair Care + More!


Welcome to episode 10 of my podcast mini series Katie WONDERS. In these episodes I share all the things I’ve been exploring and loving over the past month. You can read more about the concept in this post where I explained it.

I’m really so grateful for YOU (all my listeners).  Do you like these episodes? Any categories I’m not covering? Have favorite parts? I’d love to hear your feedback. There are lots of ways to share your thoughts and ideas about the pod::

1. Leave a review on iTunes or Stitcher or Google Play or any other pod player you use.

2. Send me an email telling me your thoughts, what you are loving, what you want to see more of…

3. Join the Facebook Group for the podcast here and post your thoughts there.

4. Give me a shout on social media (@katiedalebout) with ideas, feedback, and more.

The links and notes for everything I mentioned in this episode are below. If you have any questions, things you want to share with me or just want to say hi the best way to do that is to join the extended conversation in the Facebook Group.  Enjoy!


-MY BOOK  😉 Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling
LEAVE A REVIEW — Read the book? Help others discover it by leaving a review here.

Flower Phone Case
-Favorite Dress from Urban Outfitters (this color & this one)
Libby’s Goldeluxe Jewelry
-Rae’s Paper & Wax Wall Hangings & Candles
Northbooks Journals

Libby & Rae (see above for their cool products I’m loving)
Haley — amazing for Instagram of plants (@phoebebotanicals)
Holly — event with her, Back To You Detroit, come!
-My bff & ‘little sister’ Amanda, follow her & her new cool website.

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

Love Alexi
The Actor’s Diet Podcast
One Part Plant
Magic Lessons 
Ladies Who Lunch
Dear Sugar

Captain Fantastic – highly recommend this one.
Cafe Society — new Woody Allen movie, not my favorite favorite but still worth checking out if you appreciate Woody Allen

The Village Parlor – my friend’s new salon I ‘modeled’ for here.
Dry Shampoo  + Shimmering Lights Purple Shampoo + Avocado Conditioner for my hair (this is the esty shop Amanda got it from, unfortunately we can’t find the link to the exact product yet but when we do I’ll update it here.)

Drake’s album Views
Avett Brother’s new album
New ‘Throw Back’ Radio Station in Detroit — 105.1 fm
-My Summer Spotify Playlist. 

SoDelicious Ice Cream with barely any sugar.

Theme song::
I Wonder by Kanye West

Listen on iTunes here & if you like the show please leave a review.

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New week. New month. New meanderings post + my latest vlog (my friend Jess & I hate that word, what could we call them…) episode. I’ve done a Monthly Meanderings monthly for-basically-ever. It’s a way for my to share links to things I’ve found around the internet enjoy exploring the below with me as your internet tour guide. Until next time keep in touch on Facebook & Instagram or maybe explore the archive of my podcast or read my book.


-Toronto this weekend LIVE podcast recording with my friends Nikky & Davida. Get your tickets here.

-My friend Holly & I are doing a fun event in Detroit the following weekend. RSVP here. 


-Craving PB & J now after seeing these.

-These muffins look real good.


-How pretty is this wedding?

Do you say like and um? 

Pools I wish were mine, no never mind that seems like a lot of work. Scratch that, what I mean is pools I’d like to hang out by sometimes.

-Amazing points in this article by Jennifer Anniston. It’s a must read. So many great body positive points.

-If you’re a Rent-Head you’ll love this oral history, if you’re not you’ll become one when you read it or be really bored and stop. + this for deep Rent heads…if you haven’t already watched this.

-Be your own soulmate comic. 

Which Iconic Chair Are You?


-Loved Dallas Clayton on Alexi’s podcast this week. 

-Super happy Jess Murnane’s podcast is back! & loved this week’s episode. 

-I was on my friend Andrea Owen’s podcast this week. 

-I had Dr. Linda Bacon on my podcast two weeks ago and I think it is really important one to listen to.

-& last week I had comedian Beth Stelling on & I loved our conversation. & one more of mine I want to call out, Galia Barkol’s episode was my fav of the new season so far.


-I can’t stop wearing this dress…I have it in both colors.
-Might buy this one next. Thoughts?

Newest coolest clothing brand out there. 


Important topic and she is so articulate speaking out her experience with it.

Movies I’ve seen recently or want to see soon::
Captain Fantastic.
Don’t Think Twice
The Fundamentals of Caring  (watched this on Netflix the other night, really enjoyed it.)
James White 



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13438823_919946334777784_3992432195116703626_n 13521896_920199694752448_3523306463030337664_nHappy 4th of July! Here are some things I liked around the internet over the last week or so. Enjoy meandering my links. Hope your holiday weekend is v chill.

oh FYI…  I’ll be in Columbus, Ohio next weekend for two events with my friend Simi. First my book signing at the Book Loft which you can RSVP for here and the next day I’m on a panel of Boss Babes  which you can sign up for here if it’s not sold out. then the following weekend I’ll be in Chicago for my book launch there on July 16 from 1-3pm details and location to come. Hope to see you there.

Now for the links… 

Flower infused lipsticks? cool. 

Song to meander the internet to.

This is goofy, aka a decent time-waster.

What a cool guy, he will be missed.

-Last 4 minutes of this Moby video are wise.

These are fun. 

-Aziz’s New York Times Op-ed, Why Trump Makes Me Scared for My Family.

-Cool wedding at my friend’s flower house!

Goth T.Swift is gone, rejoice. This article made me laugh.

This also made me really laugh. #Funny

Oprah & Michelle. #power

-The number one state is the one I live in. omg. #proud

-Best speech ever, hear smart people discuss it. 

Public Hair trends.

-I really enjoyed Ann Friedman talking about Freelancing here.

-I want this to be my wedding dress. I’m not engaged. But I want to be to wear this.

Loved this and love her. 

-Good summer book I’m excited to start reading.

-Yum everything on this I want to eat or drink. …. I actually ate this one with I was in LA at Squirl.

-I want to be a bestiepreneur.  Do you? call me…

-Catie’s podcast Employee of the Month is rad, so naturally I loved this interview with her in the hot seat.

-Where to buy the best bread.  & a trick to make better sandwiches with said bread.

3 things I liked from Rookie Mag this week…

blaming emotions on astrology.

-Summer make-up tutorial.

How to take yourself to dinner. 

Last but not least I few places I was around the internet… 

-I was did a post on friend of the podcast Natalie MacNeil’s blog!

-I was on the Recovery Warriors Podcast this month, here’s the link to that. 

-I was also on Terri Cole’s Hello Freedom podcast this week. Being in the guest seat is pretty fun.


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BONUS PODCAST EPISODE — 17 Questions with Gabby Bernstein

Image-1Today you get the answer to 17 Special Questions for Gabby. Not only do I have this BONUS EPISODE in audio format but I also have it to share with you as an actual video recording. Check it out to get Gabby’s latest inside scoop on life, career, inspiration and and more!

Also quick reminder that her Digital Spirit Junkie Master Class registration ends this Sunday! Get the full scoop on the bonuses I’m offering here.

Want to listen to the audio on-the-go??
Hop over to iTunes and Subscribe to the Pod!

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