Fav Holiday + 4 FAVES + NEW Podcast On Love & Food

Screen-Shot-2013-11-20-at-6.38.09-PMEvery year I share that I love this holiday. Here are some vintage posts where I’ve explained this.  It’s my absolute favorite holiday the 14th of February is  responsible for getting me through this bitter cold season.

Today I thought I’d share some Valentine’s Day themed things I’m loving lately, how’s that sound?

K let’s do it.

1. Gabby Bernstein’s Fearless Relationships Course-

It really changed things for me when it comes to relationship dynamics. She talks about family relationships, career relationships, and then romantic relationships and let me tell you it blew my mind. Here’s Info on this course.  Two main lessons I’ll just share now though.

  1. “We create separation in relationships. Seeing ourselves as better than or less than. Making someone special putting 1381580_10151968308868707_597975826_nthem on a pedestal making them better than another friend or family member or better than ourselves. This is constantly changing.” I used to do this with romantic partners and family members & friends al the time. You too?
  2. “When you are healing your energy, you may be attracted to the partner who will bring up all your stuff to be healed not necessarily the perfect partner right away because that’s not going to be attractive to you from that place.” Fascinating right?
  3. “The more you love your life, the more attractive you’ll be. Make your romantic relationships more brotherly and your friendships more romantic. Not using one person or one relationship to fill you up completely.” so good!

1e18805fe1b2bccd3901f41a38f08efa2. My podcast chat with my friend Christy Harrison about Food & relationships.

Just trust me on this it’s one hell of a fascinating conversation on Food Psych. Spoiler alert: Food & Relationships are super intertwined…Could you guess that?

3. Next thing I’m inspired by is my skin care line.

Yep. I’m obsessed with having spa-like evenings with myself where I slowly get ready for bed. I wash my face with the perfect 9 oil blend from this line & usually take a bath.

1966729_673190959453324_6346520083192854791_n As you may know as a long time reader, I used to struggle a ton with my skin. I had pretty terrible acne and tried everything from food to harsh chemicals & then finally found my way with making my own products and washing my skin with hemp oil. This worked for a while but lately as I get older I have felt like pampering my skin a bit more is the way to go. Then I found this amazing line that makes products I WOULD make if I had time. They are made with high quality oils, essential oils, and um even pearl powder omg. Just check em out. You may or my not get obsessed like I did and give yourself facials all the time.

Skin Care heaven. Check it out Imbibe’s Site

3. Last but not least Treat Yo Self.

We all need a reminder to do that sometimes. Whether it is treating yourself to a pedicure or a massage or that personal growth thing you’ve been wanting to do but don’t think you have time or the yoga class or the ukulele lesson, whatever we all need reminders to treat ourselves with care. If you need a reminder of that TREAT YO SELF to my best friend’s prints or mug or if you already treat YO-Self well then get her hedgehog mugs and more in her Society 6 shop!

Don’t you worry, we’re working on WellnessWonderland shirts for you coming soon. Get excited. I sure am.

BOTTOM-LINE: Whether you’re part of a couple or a single you can enjoy Valentine’s Day by simply celebrating what you love. This isn’t limited, this can include pets, objects that inspire you, music, routines, and even places. By celebrating what you love in your life you’re saying thank you and by saying thank you you’re saying MORE PLEASE. If you’re never saying thank you to the Universe then the Universe will never know what to give you more of.

Just think if you want a person do more of what they’re doing how do you train them? You THANK them…again…and…again. Same thing with asking the Universe.

By thanking the Universe for what you do have you create more of what you want. 

PS. Need a good movie to watch kinda about this? Watch this one. It is one of my favorites of all time.




Hope you’ve been enjoying 2013’s Gift Guides – today bring this year’s to a close, but if you can’t get enough check out last year’s and this guide of last year’s favorite books!

So many of these books in last year’s bookworm guide I still adore & re-read this year as well.

Without further ado, here are the books that have had a massive impact on my life over this year & will continue to into 2014. What books did you read this year?


May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein


Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein (coming out this spring, but available for preorder now! it’s going to be rad)


Reveal by Meggan Watterson


Money: A Love Story By Kate Northrup (Listen to our podcast here!)

Mama Glow

Mama Glow by Latham Thomas (Listen to out podcast here!)


The War of Art By Steven Pressfield


E Squared By Pam Grout

Finding Ultra book cover

Finding Ultra By Rich Roll


Mind Over Medicine By Dr. Lissa Rankin


Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli (one of my favorite books of all time & read it almost every year since I was in middle school)


The Artist’s Way By Julie Cameron

Ad 200x200

& last but not least, this is the coolest magazine ever! Happiness + Wellbeing

They are even offering Wonderland inhabiants at 30% off discount so use the code HappyXmas for 30% off an item in your cart!

Watch the video into to the gift guides here!




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Robin Hoods Turbans – Turbans are not only super chic, trendy & adorable – they also have deep meaning in the Kundalini yoga tradition. Turbans are useful for holding energy in, and for creating a meditative focus at the third eye point (brow point). Covering the head stabilizes the cerebral matter and the 26 parts of the brain, which are interlocked with the neurological system and electromagnetic field. Covering the head creates a focus of the functional circuit of the hemispheres of the brain, and tunes the neurological system.

So now you probably want a turban more than ever right? Well now is the time to buy one for you & everyone on your list since Robin Hoods is offering (exclusively to Wellness Wonderland readers) at 20% discount when you use the code SPREADTHELOVE – so cool right? 

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 4.22.13 PM

iloveme JeWELLry line – If The Wellness Wonderland made jewelry, this is what it would be. Arielle of Be Well With Arielle (a past WWRadio guest & mentor of mine) makes the most beautiful hand made jewelry that I love so much! I’m hoping a gold one pops up unter the tree, her designs are beautiful and her packaging and attention to detail and love in every order is spectacular, you will feel her love every time you wear her creations. Even Gabrielle Bernstein is a huge fan!  Arielle is the sweetest so she’s offering us Wellness Wonderland inhabitants a deal: $20 off all orders when you use the discount code ‘ilovewellnesswonderland’ – how nice right? (hurry it expires 1/1/14)

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 6.38.45 PM

Tata Harper Skin Care Organic all-natural luxurious products your skin will love and you will feel the love that went into every bottle. Tata is cool and down-to-earth, yet incredibly bright and passionate about her business and products. Her zest for life is contagious and I can’t wait to share our WWRadio episode with you soon!  She even grows many of the ingredients for the products at her farm in Vermont.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 6.01.44 PM

Anthropologie Bowls – I believe that presentation of food is as important as what you’re eating. While not everything I eat is food magazine beautiful, I try to make every eating experience pleasant and since digestion begins with our eyes we might as well enjoy what we’re looking at and that includes what the food is served in. I’m silly & literally eat everything out of a bowl – smoothies, salads, nuts, you name it, I put it in a bowl while my plates collect dust.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 6.02.19 PM

Macaroon Box – I found one of these at a little local boutique & I adore it. It’s adorable and ideal for carrying supplements when I’m traveling or just on the go.


The Mint Creative – Want handmade letterpress posters, stationary & more? You must check out my best friend’s designs – she’s amazing.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 7.13.48 PM

Pretty Skivvies – I saw these on Instagram & since then I can’t get enough of the For Love & Lemons bras & panties, talk about pretty right?

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 12.47.25 PM


Drought & Shinola Detroit – I love me a local business, I love me a family business, I love me some juice & I love pretty much every item Shinola sells. Go shopping downtown & grab a juice at the Drought store front while you’re there. Listen to our podcast WWRadio episode here!

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This is the third installment of my 2013 guides – check out the intro here & Monday’s guide for the Movers & Shakers & yesterday’s guide for the Person Who’s Always Cold. Today’s guide is for the person whose favorite place to hang is their meditation space, who loves being on their yoga mat, and whose day isn’t complete until they’ve sat in stillness for at least 5 minutes.


Spoonk Acupressure Eco Massage Mat – I’ve been wanting one of these forever. Although it looks slightly scary, it works wonders & is super therapeutic. If you’ve ever had acupuncture or have wanted to try it you’ll love this and it can be done in the comfort of your own home so it is perfect for winter hibernation!


Favorite Journal – As you know if you are a Wonderland inhabitant my journal is an extension of my meditation pillow. Just as much magic happens in here as on my yoga mat and meditation pillow. This is my most favorite one I’ve ever gotten – it’s nice and simple, and where I do my morning pages, gratitude lists & more!

Tiny Devotions Mala Beads – These are essential to the meditator in your life. These tiny devotions beads are so beautiful and meaningful. I love these Tiny Devotions beads with different intentions. Just like you’d set an intention in a yoga class by putting on a mala bead each day you’re setting an intention for your day.


doTerra Essential Oils – Essential oils are seriously essential to the meditating yogi in your life. They have extreme power to calm your energy or raise it depending on the blend you use & my friend Culinary Karma raves about this brand. Got to try it!


Gabby’s Meditations – This is the meditation album that started it all for me. Gabby is amazing & the person who changed my life. If anyone wants to get started, guided meditations are the best! Now I can just sit with music forever but still love to hear Gabby’s voice guide me sometimes.


Jai Release Meditation Program– This humming meditating with Julie Piatt is way rad. I adore her & she will be coming on my Podcast WWRadio this month!


Guided Meditation Course– Taking a meditation course can be really helpful when learning to meditate. I look a live class when I was first getting started & it was super helpful for learning how to meditate. This online Mind Body Green course looks awesome.

2013 GIFT GUIDES NO. 2 | For The Person Who’s Always Cold


This is the second installment of my 2013 guides – check out the intro here & yesterday’s guide for the Movers & Shakers on your list here. Today’s guide is for the person who is always freezing, likes to be cozy, and just plain hates being cold. These are the things that will heat them up & keep them warm and fuzzy all winter. Let’s be real, this is me. I’m constantly chilly and live in a very cold place and these are the things in combination with teaching and practicing tons of hot yoga that get me through the long winter.


Spirit Junkie Hand Cuffs– Are your hands always freezing? Sometimes my hands are so cold I can’t even type or meditate with my palms facing up without wanting to sit on my hands or hold a cup of tea. These are the answer to keeping my hands warm, while allowing me to use my hands as I need. These beautiful handmade cuffs are made by my mentor Gabrielle Bernstein’s beautiful mom Suzanne. Check out her Etsy shop for the rest of her amazing art.

leg warmers


Leg Warmers- The 80s were onto something with these. Leg warmers are the best, I love wearing them with short yoga pants and them taking them off when I get into the yoga room.


Portable Sauna– And we thought the snuggy was goofy looking, well check this thing out. Saunas are great for detoxing and cleansing, but moreover they do a damn good job of warming you up.


NEVA Activewear to Empower Women– For me, layering is key to staying warm – sometimes I’m only comfortable if I’m wearing like 12 layers. This socially responsible activewear  is beautiful and with inspiring messages embroidered in, it gives the women making them higher wages. It’s a beautiful idea, I love so much.


Cozy Slippers– Keeping my feet warm is key, as soon as I walk in the door I have to change into slippers & don’t these ones look comfy?

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 8.44.58 PM

Numi Savory Tea– For someone who is always freezing, sometimes sipping on something warm all day is literally the only way to warm up (or taking a bath) & this Numi savory tea is some weird, yummy, and different all at the same time. You simply have to try it. Kinda tastes like broth & I really like it.