2 Videos + 2 Topics + 3 Resources = AWESOMENESS BELOW

I recently visited Toronto and made these two videos with my friends Nikky of HealthNut Nutrition and Davida of The Healthy Maven I love them both and you will two. Each of these videos discusses very different but equally important topics so I thought I’d share them both along with some resources that have tremendously helped me with each of the two topics discussed.


This video is about ending procrastination & starting your creative passion. We discuss how to beat procrastination and do what you love regardless of your skill level or resources when you first start because stating is the hardest part.
ADDITIONAL RESOURCE for this video:: Well more videos… This video training series from my mentor Gabby Bernstein really helped me with this so if you want to know more about the concepts we discussed in this video check out the first video here.


This video is equally as important but on a completely different topic. Here we discuss our unique patterns with food and body image. We discuss the challenge of finding balance between our passion for sharing about healthy living  with  finding pleasure in eating and not being too restrictive about our choices.
ADDITIONAL RESOURCE for this video:: Well more videos again… The video series that REALLY helped me stop being insane around food was this one with my mentor Isabel Foxen Duke so check it out here. 

If you have an questions on anything shoot me and email here.

Foodie Monday Meanderings

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Hello peeps, I’m so happy to be in Wonderland with you today and sharing my Monday Meanderings with you as usual. This week’s links all have a bit of a theme: FOOD. Is food on your mind a lot? If you’re into wellness or high-vibe foods at all it probably is merely for the reason that if you choose to eat that way you have to think consciously about your decisions around food more than someone who does not. While I’m not saying at all that it is a bad thing necessarily but, it is when those thoughts about food become unmanageable when it becomes another issue. When it becomes for example, driving around frantically trying to find a certain type of nut butter on a vacation because you couldn’t possibly eat the food being served and you NEED to eat. That’s when you’re making food special and yourself special. You are making food something that can save you from the present moment instead of simply being in the moment.

Woah. That was some deep shit for Monday Meanderings, but I think talking about this and getting honest about our relationship with food is important. We can talk about food and recipes and health all day, but are we discussing those things as a coping mechanism to not have to feel our emotions or handle our stressful situations? Again, coping is okay and sometimes when I’m stressed I do choose to read tons of articles on wellness or zone out on  Instagram to cope but other times I actually choose to handle my feelings. The woman to taught me about this and what was really going on when I was googling gluten-free, daily-free, soy free, recipes for hours was my WWRadio guest (listen to that episode 055 here if you want to know more about that) last week. Hope you liked that episode & if you did she’s got a free video series on this concept and more you should totally check out.

So yeah today’s meanderings are basically all food related in honor of what I wrote above. But before we get into those links that caught my eye. I have a few announcements. First of all, the PODCAST is back but it is not going to be weekly for a while, hope you guys are cool with that. For now the show will come out on a more bi-weekly basis for a couple reasons:

-So I can keep bringing you rad content, 
-So you have time to let this really high-level info sink in. If you’re like me re-listen a few times.
-Because this week I want us to listen to this rad summit my friend and previous WWRadio guest is hosting
-& last but not least because I’m co-hosting another podcast again with a past WWRadio guest called Over the Moon Radio & you can listen to that here. It’s a super groovy show and you can hear me on many of the episodes. 

With that, you’ll want to make sure you sign up for my WW-land community emails and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes so you never miss when the latest episode airs now. & without further ado below are my foodie meanderings & above are my Insta-glimpses into my past week. Eat up. 

oh and wait, about my weekend/week yeah I met Mastin Kipp on his book tour where he stopped in Detroit to see me (and a lot of cool other peeps) and he signed my book as you can see above and agreed to come on WWRadio, yay! Also, I taught at rad ego eradicator meditation in my yoga class Sunday morning and went to this sweet new moon infinity circle on Friday night, so yeah that’s what you see above.

-A song to listen to while you meander or cook. To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.

These muffins look so amazing right now! Who wants to make them with me? Purely Twins are so creative in the kitchen.

Shredded Beet & Carrot Salad now this looks so grounding and good I can’t even handle it.

Spirulina Millet omg yum want this so bad!

Warm Beet Kale bowl, will someone make this for me please?

Sautéed Collards with Herbs yum yum yum I want this too.

Yummy pumpkin spice smoothie! 

Cauliflower Risotto omg. sounds amazing. 

-No sugar blackberry muffins 

Sugar-free chocolate cookies I’m going to make. 

I think this is genius! 

A Couple Cooks, how cute are they?

-Minty Fresh 

-CHECK out IFD’s amazing video FREE series from to STOP FIGHTING FOOD & EMOTIONAL EATING!

Get my Enlightened Eating Tool Kit, it’s rad. 

How to Eat Slower! 

-If you liked the above topic on Eating Slower check out this post about how I healed my relationship with food and became Finally Full.  My thing is standing up while eating. Read more about 10 ways I healed this here.

How I finally got over all my food craziness & 10 tips for you to too.


Freedom From Food Obsession

Have you gotten my Enlightened Eating Tool Kit Yet? You can get info  from this video & even more deets on this page. But basically, here’s the gist… 

Through understanding my deep rooted tumultuous relationship with food, all areas of  my life could fall into place,  what I call a state of Wellness Wonderland. To me that means balance and living fully in my true purpose.

To get you started on your path to WW-land. Download my FREEEnlightened Eating Tool Kit. 

final opt in image

As I say in the video,  life is not about the food, what you choose to eat, or what your weight is; what food and your body can be is the doorway to opening you up to your purpose in life and what’s really going on underneath.

optiond copyEmotional eating, body-hate, and disordered eating  are merely symptoms of a bigger issues  in your life (email me for more help on this).

I’ve spoken about food a ton on the blog already & this course was instrumental in my recovery as well as the work of Isabel Foxen Duke (listen to our Podcast chat here & more interviews with me here).

 In the meantime, let ne get you started on your journey to WW-land with my Enlightened Eating Tool Kit.


My  Stress Less Guide– since stress is the intensifier of food problems and unhealthy habits, these are my go to tips to reduce stress.
– My Enlightened Eating Visualized Guide– a beautiful visual reminder that explains the principles of mindful eating and is the perfect thing to hang on your refrigerator to remind you to sit down and never eat with the fridge door open again.  This is the trick for fully enjoying your food, so you can go fully enjoy your life.
My Meal Planning Worksheets–  Just a tad of planning when it comes to food can shift everything by allowing you to focus on your life instead of your meals. I’ve included three unique versions of the  planning system I use so you can choose what works best for you.

Being a little organized sure beats standing in front of the fridge door open chewing on a carrot stick thinking, “I have nothing to eat…what should I have for lunch? There are only ingredients in my fridge no food! 

 To get your free PDF download of the entire guide in all three parts. Click here & it’s your in exchange for your email.

Enjoy your guide & again email me here if you have any questions on using it or how getting a handle of the food area of your life can help the flow of the rest of your life.  OH. and if you like what you see and know a friend that could use this kit share it here! Click here to TWEET it out. 



Bottom-linejust be cool & get the guide. You need it, I need it, we all need it. Plus it’s free.Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.00.08 AM

Creating A Soul*full Journey To Weight Loss & Body Image

This is a rad guest post from my friend Heather Rampola. Welcome to WW-land take it away Heather…

 It’s hard NOT to be obsessed with skinny in today’s world. You probably know that was part of Katie’s story and journey to living in this space she’s created, WW-land (hear more about that here in my interview with her).

7183f6ea463ab203eb3524264b25be8f.jpgEspecially with media images that are airbrushed, and stretched. You are bombarded with images of “beauty” that frankly don’t exist in the real world.

And while it’s great to desire to be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself, it’s critical that you’re not putting your happiness on hold until you become “skinny”.


Katie and I both  know what it’s like feeling fat and struggling to lose weight. We know the emotions of hate and defeat that “nothing I do works”. We know the pain the shows up when eating food, looking in the mirror, or wearing tight clothes. And because I like to be honest with you, I know the feeling of pain in other areas of my life (work, family, and finances) as a result of carrying the weight and believing that I’m an ugly failure.

The process of getting skinny or losing weight is often painful and unenjoyable as well.

Think about what you traditionally do when it’s time to lose weight:

– Restrict the foods you eat

– Use willpower to avoid overeating and resist temptations

– Exercise excess calories and fat

It’s easy to become almost militant to correct your body into proper shape. Perhaps you decide to instill a new diet regimen and track progress like a hawk. This method is never fun! So doesn’t it make sense that part of you wants to rebel to the “pleasure nazi” dieter inside?

And you’ve probably notice that the “cracking the whip” method to weight loss hasn’t brought you the results you desire… at least not long term.

You can feel great about your body.. you know, like feel authentically, truly beautiful! The kind that loves what she sees in the mirror. The kind that leaves you smiling as you slip on your clothes because you feel comfortable in them. The kind of beauty that arises when you feel so much more confident about yourself that you go after the things you truly desire in life…and get them.

Why not view your body and weight loss as a journey of discovery that’s feels soul*full rather than soulless.  Not only is it a more pleasurable process but it’s also more likely to bring you the results you truly desire.

4 Steps To Soul*full Weight Loss & Body Image

1.) Be Aware  

Perhaps you are aware that you want to lose weight and feel better. But are you aware what foods make you feel like crap? After you eat a meal, take notice of how you feel. Are you still hungry? Does your tummy hurt? Do you feel bloated? Are you super tired? Slow down to take notice of what foods make you feel great and which foods don’t.


2.) Listen To Your Body

Your body is always sending you messages. She is communicating to you by the way you feel and with your inner voice. It’s possible that holding onto the extra weight has been your comfort mechanism. For example, ignoring your desire to take up an old passion such as photography or art class, but instead of listening, you stuff down those desires with food. It’s important to ask your body “what does she say?” and then listen to her.


3.) Take Time For You & Play

Life can get busy with all the responsibilities but it is critical for your soul*full weight loss journey to make time for you and have more fun. Did you know that stress prevents you from reaching your weight loss goals? By taking time to be still, play and have more fun, you signal to your body that it’s okay to stop stressing. When we stop stressing about food and life it’s like we give our body permission to let go of the extra weight.


4.) Cultivate A Loving Relationship With Your Body

Instead of hating your body and criticizing her non-stop, try cultivating a loving relationship. You would never treat another person the way you often treat your body! Remember that your body is endlessly at work to serve and take care of you. This is the body you will live with the rest of your life–– you might as well love her. Thank her and tell her you love her!

When you practice these 4 steps remember it’s not about perfection but rather about the journey! You will spend the rest of your life in this body of yours… so enjoy her. When you do, I guarantee that you will feel lighter both inside and out. It’s worked for Katie and it’s worked for me!

If you’d like more guidance & support to loving your body through your weight loss journey, I’d like to invite you to join me here.

HeatherRampolla_laughter_400x600.jpgAbout my girl  Heather…

Heather Rampolla is host of Fresh Eats Radio, creator of “A Loving Approach To Stubborn Weight Loss” & Fresh Eats Seasonal Detoxes. As an author, podcaster, speaker, and coach, she helps busy ladies rid of overwhelm when trying to eat healthy. Through her courses and episodes she teaches you how to love the body you’re in & easily add in more of the good stuff so you can look good & feel good.


RECIPE Breakfast Criminals Super Smoothie to make you Super Human

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetMy friend Ksenia, the Breakfast Criminal herself is in Wonderland today with a power recipe for us. Take it away…

When you have a normal breakfast, you have a normal day; when you start your day with a delicious superfood breakfast prepared with love, you create space for magic. After all, you are what you eat. Wholesome nourishment is a form of self-love. Join me in giving yourself some fuzzy, kind, gentle love today. Because until you give it to yourself, you can’t give it to others fully. Find 99 more recipes and tips to have a super-morning, every day, in the Breakfast Criminals eBook (special offer for WW readers, details below).

Here’s the recipe for Pink Love Yum!

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 5.15.14 PM

Ingredients to Blend:
1 cup frozen berries
1 frozen banana
1/2 small papaya
 1 tsp Philosophie Berry Bliss superfood blend with camu & mangosteen (use code “breakfastcriminals” for 15% off any Philosophie purchase!)
 1 tsp tahini
1.5 cups [unsweetented] almond milk
Toppings: frozen raspberries, tahini.
Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 5.15.22 PM

Only for Wellness Wonderland readers: first 10 people to buy the book and use code “katie” will get a $5 discount. Grab your copy here!

 Hang with Ksenia on Instagram for mass breakfast inspiration! 

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