Honest Review of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital


Can you spot me in that crowd? I’m there in the front row, seat lucky 111.  I will never forget the moment Gabby came on stage. She locked in at me as she began telling the story of how she began in vivid detail I’d never heard before. More than any other time in my life I felt so certain I was meant to be somewhere. It was epic and changed my life and the course of my career.

I had been asking my mentor Gabby to teach me how to do what she does in my own way for years. I heard she once asked Marianne Williamson how she could share spirituality 924580_1470695189864313_658335621_nwith her generation, so I asked Gabby that same question on her radio show when I was 19 years old and soon realized I wasn’t the only one asking her that (luckily because WE’RE ALL NEEDED!). Her answer for me & everyone of what to do if you have a message to share and an urge to teach?
Spirit Junkie Masterclass. 

I went to a three day weekend extravaganza filled with guest speakers, public speaking training, business training, extensive live q & a, workbooks, and all the info on how to start a spiritual business a girl could ask for with a side of dancing & fun was an experience I will never forget.

This experience was a blast. But I’ll be honest with you it was A LOT. I felt like so much was jammed into one short weekend, I needed to slow down and learn at my own pace.  Luckily, Gab created something else recently which is relaunching now where I could go at my own pace and went into even MORE detail of how to actually start a business and with even more tools of how to implement all I learned.  The digital version of the course Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital is the learning experience I really was able to get into. You can go at your own pace and all the speakers from all the versions of the live trainings are included which is rad. I did 10311266_1471188536475289_1477340397_nthe program myself and was surprised at how helpful and user friendly it was. Also, it is seething with bonuses including something from Gabby’s husband Zach, who I love. Zach created this rad bonus about contracts giving you all the contracts you’ll need to start your business, something that massively has helped me.

I’m honestly kind of in awe of this program. Hearing Gabby be so real with us, trusting us to open up about the inner workings of how she runs her spiritual business was really amazing. She left nothing out, answered every question,regardless of how personal or deep. She brought in her best friends, coaches, colleagues, and even her husband Zac10693336_646892608762990_728514224_nh to teach their areas of expertise too. Her mission of not creating disciples but rather teachers is such a beautiful mission and will truly change the world way more than she could alone (although she’s an epic powerhouse duh). I considered myself her biggest disciple but now I have become her biggest teacher and that’s was Spirit Junkie Masterclass allowed me to do.

Since then, I have built a coaching practice, built my podcast to more subscribers than I ever thought possible, and finishing my first book which is coming out with Hay House in a few months and Gabby herself wrote the forward. I tell you this not to impress you, but to impress upon you what’s possible when you listen to a call to teach and SHOW UP, for SJMC and simply for yourself and your life purpose.

Anyways, clearly I’m into this and I highly suggest you check it out if you’ve been hearing the call to share, lead, or teach in your unique way. Your way may not be a blog, podcast, or youtube channel although it might be and I can’t wait to listen, watch, and link to it, but also it might be bringing these messages into the office or to your kindergarden classroom or to your family. Wherever you feel called to share the message just share it because

WE NEED YOU. THE MORE LIGHT YOU SHARE THE LIGHTER TH10666040_695282437228036_796817099_nE WORLD BECOMES. –> Woah tweet that. 

If you have any questions about Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital email me and I’ll answer them or Gabby herself is on WWRadio this week and might answer some there too. If you do want to sign up with me
I‘m offering a free podcast, interviewing, and networking training Q & A workshop so if you’re interested in that, that’s a good reason to sign up too! During that workshop I will share all my top tips and insights that I’ve used to do the work I do in the world. I will, like Gabby not leave anything out and tell you all my secrets in exactly how I’ve done everything I’ve done so far in my work. 


PS. If you missed the free training videos Gabrielle released over the last couple of weeks, here they are – this will give you a great sense of the concepts you’ll learn in Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

  • Video 1: Stop Holding Yourself Back From Following Your Purpose
  • Video 2: Turn Your Purpose Into Your Paycheck
  • Video 3: Attract Media Coverage For Your Message

Are you in?

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The Wellness Wonderland Bonus!!!
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  • Free ask me anything coaching private session!
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The above is all yours when you sign up for Gab’s masterclass with my link. Ready to enroll in Spirit Junkie Masterclass now!


Note: I am a proud affiliate for Gabby meaning the Wellness Wonderland may make a commission for referring people to the program through however it doesn’t cost you any extra. Also, it’s a win win, you’re able to support my podcast and blog and I’m able to share about a person and program that I genuinely love so much. 

May 2015 Monthly Gratitudes // Favorites

So psyched to share what I loved in May with you guys. It’s way fun to get to be a curator of awesome things that I’m grateful for and share them with you. Below are the links to everything I shared in the video. If you have any questions let me know & let me know in the comments what you loved this month. oh and if you missed last month’s April video here’s that.

1. Sea Clear on Thrive Market –Thrive Market itself is actually one of my favs. With every purchase they help low income families get access to healthy food. Rad.
2. Avocado Soap 
3. Peal Essence Imbibe Product  
4. Epic Blend Lip Balm
5.. Urban Outfitters Heels 
6. Audible specifically listening to Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert  
7. App of the month: Snapchat @KatieDalebout join the party there.

NEW February Gratitudes // aka Favorites VIDEO

What’s up guys? I’m obsessed with watching YouTube. So I’m psyched that I’m getting back into making videos consistently including last week’s & now this week I’m starting something new.  I will be making a monthly favorites videos where I will basically share what’s inspiring me and what I’m loving lately with you. Instead of calling it a favorites video like most YouTubers call them, I’m going to call them Monthly Gratitudes instead because that’s what it really is. The practice of making these videos monthly is just as much for me as it is for you. Creating it each month will allow me to examine all the good things I have and feel gratitude for them when I share.

I say this in the video but you can tweet it if you want:

When we focus on what we have we create more of what we want.

Here’s my February Gratitudes & Let me know if you have any questions on anything!

1.Jacket Urban (similar) 
2. Jose Gonzales New Album 
2. LiteBook 
3. Imbibe SkinCare 
4. app of the month: TimeHop

The post wasn’t sure I should Share…

181249_1649729243740_877179584_n I wasn’t sure if I should share this, but the message is important so I am. This photo is on my Instragram from 3 years ago (you’d have to scroll until your thumbs spasmed to find it). It depicts my orthorexia perfectly not just because I’m scary skinny for my body but because I’m holding a bouquet of kale like it’s the happiest thing in my life, which at the time kale was which is the scariest thing about this photo. When you get more joy from kale, supplements, and your body than you do about your life, something is off.

That was the case for me, but at the time I had no idea. I had no idea how mentally (& yes physically) sick I was. That’s why I’m sharing.


You could have an issue with food & your body without being underweight. Get honest with yourself, what are your thoughts around food & your body? Are they truly healthy?

I have come along way & look nothing like that lollipop girl (head too big for body) I must get honest about something… I DO WANT TO GO BACK THERE sometimes…that’s the f’ed up truth. The nastiest thing is that I still I occasional judge myself in the mirror. If I’m being completely honest, having been at that weight before the thoughts of wanting return to it still plague me from time to time, BUT NOW I am AWARE of how psycho that is, so I choose a different thought, I do not entertain that nasty thought of not feeling good enough at my current size and wanting to be that thin again. Now I choose to seek out role models who are rocking it at whatever size they are meant to be.

Why do I still want to return to this scary image above? Many reasons:

-I could blame the fact that society idolizes this type of shape.

-I could blame the fact that “thin privilege” does exist, and that we idolize the thin as “healthy” even when it is far from it.

-I could blame the fact that when I was this weight, I received “compliments” like “you’re so tiny” & “you can wear whatever you want.” (I also had many people concerned & trying to help me [save me] at the same time, thank you!)  I was often still applauded for this size… & that my friends, is CRAZY f-ed up shit!katie011

But here’s the thing,  I don’t ‘blame’ anything, rather I’m grateful. Yes, I’m grateful I still have these thoughts because I realize how f’ed up they are & I was meant to share this with you & my mission is to shift this societal paradigm.

Bottom-line: I could choose to make my body my masterpiece by spending hours exercising and controlling my food OR I could make my LIFE my masterpiece & be my natural size, believe I’m good enough there, and love my life as a way to TAKE A STAND AGAINST “THIN PRIVILEGE” & SOCIETY’S WARPED IDEAL OF BEAUTY. I choose the latter, who is with me? If you are in tell me. I need a crew to do this with me if I am to succeed.  That was deep. But you guys, I’m seeing so much disordering eating shit around me and I just want to help so bad it kills me sometimes. That’s my honest truth. Thanks for reading this. & Listen to this episode if you want more on my story.

Taking Isabel Foxen Duke’s Masterclass Stop Fighting Food drastically helped me. She will be launching it again soon & if you want in or her free intro video course sign up here.  Let me know if you’re down to heal this craziness with me or if you want additional one-on-one support from me, having one-one-one coaches and mentors was the biggest thing that helped me through this. Check out my coaching program here. 

Freedom From Food Obsession

Have you gotten my Enlightened Eating Tool Kit Yet? You can get info  from this video & even more deets on this page. But basically, here’s the gist… 

Through understanding my deep rooted tumultuous relationship with food, all areas of  my life could fall into place,  what I call a state of Wellness Wonderland. To me that means balance and living fully in my true purpose.

To get you started on your path to WW-land. Download my FREEEnlightened Eating Tool Kit. 

final opt in image

As I say in the video,  life is not about the food, what you choose to eat, or what your weight is; what food and your body can be is the doorway to opening you up to your purpose in life and what’s really going on underneath.

optiond copyEmotional eating, body-hate, and disordered eating  are merely symptoms of a bigger issues  in your life (email me for more help on this).

I’ve spoken about food a ton on the blog already & this course was instrumental in my recovery as well as the work of Isabel Foxen Duke (listen to our Podcast chat here & more interviews with me here).

 In the meantime, let ne get you started on your journey to WW-land with my Enlightened Eating Tool Kit.


My  Stress Less Guide– since stress is the intensifier of food problems and unhealthy habits, these are my go to tips to reduce stress.
– My Enlightened Eating Visualized Guide– a beautiful visual reminder that explains the principles of mindful eating and is the perfect thing to hang on your refrigerator to remind you to sit down and never eat with the fridge door open again.  This is the trick for fully enjoying your food, so you can go fully enjoy your life.
My Meal Planning Worksheets–  Just a tad of planning when it comes to food can shift everything by allowing you to focus on your life instead of your meals. I’ve included three unique versions of the  planning system I use so you can choose what works best for you.

Being a little organized sure beats standing in front of the fridge door open chewing on a carrot stick thinking, “I have nothing to eat…what should I have for lunch? There are only ingredients in my fridge no food! 

 To get your free PDF download of the entire guide in all three parts. Click here & it’s your in exchange for your email.

Enjoy your guide & again email me here if you have any questions on using it or how getting a handle of the food area of your life can help the flow of the rest of your life.  OH. and if you like what you see and know a friend that could use this kit share it here! Click here to TWEET it out. 



Bottom-linejust be cool & get the guide. You need it, I need it, we all need it. Plus it’s free.Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.00.08 AM