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I’ve done a Monthly Meanderings for a real long time. It’s a way for me to be your internet tour guide show you all the things I’ve read / heard / watched recently. Until next time keep in touch on Facebook & Instagram or maybe explore the archive of my podcast or read my book.




// to read

-I always ask people about their morning routines because I think it’s nosey, fascinating, and inspiring. This website takes that question to the next level. I could get lost on here forever.

-I’ve probably shared this before but I don’t care, love this. 

-This study was impactful for me healing my eating disorder. It’s crazy the stuff we do to our bodies under the veil of dieting that is worse/ more restrictive than what the men in this medical study had to do. Past podcast guest Kelsey does such a great job summarizing the findings of the study which perhaps the most important study on the mental, physical, and social effects of food restriction.

-Another really important article where past podcast Guest Kelsey Miller interviews fellow past guest on my podcast Melissa A. Fabello. They talk about thin privilege and it is a must read.

-I really love that Elle Fanning likes REALgirl Empowerment Programs as much as I do. 

-How awkward are you? this quiz will tell you…

Bodies are not resumes. 

-For local people how cool is this Flower Week my friend Lisa is doing, let’s all go.

-Totally into this trend. I want to host these here. Will you come?

-One of my favorite people and thrilled to say soon-to-be podcast guest (it’s already recorded just waiting to release what I have already recorded in order), Josh Radnor now has a stellar newsletter which he’s calling his ‘Museletter’ and whenever it pops into my inbox (monthlish) it’s a good day. Get on it here. 

to listen //

-I was on Shawn and Jade’s podcast The Model Health Show last week, listen here. 

-I was also on my friend Meg’s show The Nourished Podcast, listen to that one here.

-My episode of the Wilder Podcast… for sure one of the best conversations I’ve had in a while. so fun.

-This wasn’t me on this episode but I especially loved the most recent episode of Jess Murnane’s One Part Podcast this week.

-Especially loved this week’s episode of Alexi’s podcast with Aya Cash too.

-My favorite human Tavi was on Anna Faris’s podcast this week.  aka highlight of my week.

-Are you listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast? Just making sure because it’s amazing and you should be.

-This week actor and director John Krasinski was on Fresh Air and it was one of my other favorite things I listened to this week. He seems like such a smart, humble, kind man. I look forward to seeing his new movie he was promoting too, looks fantastic.

-Not a podcast…the three seconds of my day where I’m not listening or recording podcasts I’m listening to music. Here’s the fall playlist I’m starting, not sure how great it is today but it will evolve if you want to follow.

// to watch

-I’m loving this series on British Vogue by Camille Rowe about wellness and health so much.

-My Columbus vlog if you haven’t already seen it. & Traverse City too.

-Okay wow I so love Laura Miller and her new series, ‘Talking in Circles’ is the coolest thing I’ve seen on the internet in …maybe ever.

-Sharing this funny video because I loved this movie and because if you watch until the end you’ll see the other reason…

-Writing a song in 20 minutes can be done.

-Did you love Curious George as much as I did as a kid? Of course you did. Support this cool doc about the creation of it.

-Three movies I loved and highly recommend this summer: Captain Fantastic, Tallulah, and Don’t Think Twice (Tallulah is streaming on Netflix, the other two are in theaters now)



Labor Of Love Meanderings

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There is no Labor Day in Wonderland, the internet land that never sleeps. I’m mayor and there’s no need for Labor Day when your labor doesn’t feel like labor. I love it here and I love you for reading. I hope you’re ending your summer and starting your school year on a high note. I still think of this time of year as a new beginning and new year of sorts even though I’m long out of school. It’s going to be a fantastic month, I can feel it. Maybe spend some time having a marathon of my podcast WWRadio before season 3 airs at the end of the month Perhaps pop the pod in your headphones as you ride your bike or take a hike or stay inside and meander the internet led by me below. Above are some of my  Insta-glimpses from my week and per usual and below are my fav links from the week as well as the playlist I used in my Sunday morning yoga class party (if local please join me here 10:00am Sundays). In the meantime, keep in touch with me daily on Facebook.

oh wait one more cool thing I want to share… guess what? I signed up for Ukulele lessons and I’m psyched!!!! Who else plays? Give me tips!

-Let’s kick things off this week with Last Week’s meanderings  in case you missed them & if you’re new to Monday Meanderings, I share my fav inspiring links around the internet and have been doing it for years. Catch up for dayz here! 

-Want to stay inspired by WW-land all week long? Look no further than right here my dears.

-An Instagam-cident that was a big awakening for me.

-I was interviewed my this adorable blog about many things including what authenticity means to me. 

I didn’t write this article but I could have because it mirrors my story so much.

-Beautiful wisdom from Culinary Karma.  

How amazing does this movie version of the popular book Wild look! Who’s seeing it with me?

True of False, the following sentence is a compliment: “You’re so tiny! Read this article by WWRadio Alum Alexis Wolfer to decide.  Listen to my WWRadio episode with here here.

-It’s the 20th anniversary of the premiere of Friends so there’s a real life Central Perk popping up in Soho! (I”m missing it by a day in NYC)

-check out their reunion

The art of hosting a goddess circle. 

-12 foods you think are healthy but actually suck. 

-Do you even need to be Healthy? Why?  

Oprah on body image, so good. 

-also this article where Zosia Mamet opens up about her ED is rad! Best line:“I would venture to say it’s a rarity to find a woman without body issues of some sort—not a full-fledged disorder, perhaps, but a skewed view of her body, a dislike of her shape, a desire to be thinner, bustier, taller, different. It’s so common. And yet we’re so ashamed of those feelings that we don’t talk about them. And that’s where we get into trouble.” 

NOTE: Something really specially is coming your way friday! get ready. get set. get excited. go! and have a great week. 

ps. here’s my playlist I used in my yoga class yesterday. If you’re local, JOIN ME! It is always a party in my Sunday morning classes, we journal, we dance, we mediate, we flow, we listen to bomb music and we breathe. May people come with a note pad as well as their mat to class because I lecture for 10 minutes or so at the beginning of each class dispensing rad tools and personal growth info I’m loving in real time. Come, join, be here for Sunday morning WW-land church.

new week meanderings

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. How was your weekend?  Mine was great I went on walks, went to a cool meditation group and my yoga studio friday night, practiced and taught some yoga, and explored the farmers market and caught up on some work. It’s going to be a wonderful week, I can feel it. Today is a new moon, a great time to set new intentions. Maybe spend some time catching up on episodes of my podcast WWRadio and meandering the internet led by me below. Above are some of my  Insta-glimpses from my week and per usual, I’m sending light  from my WW-land to yours. In the meantime, keep in touch with me daily on Facebook.

-Let’s kick things off this week with Last Week’s meanderings  in case you missed them & if you’re new to Monday Meanderings, I share my fav inspiring links around the internet and have been doing it for years. Catch up for dayz here! 

Wisdom on Food Planning from Isabel Foxen Duke 

A Loving Approach To Stubborn Weight Loss.

-Missing #WWRadio pod? It’s Richroll ‘s 100th episode with WW-land alum & his wife SriMati & it’s so rad. Listen!

Resistance or Guidance from past WWRadio guest Kate Northrup

Beautiful shoot hair style everything I just love. 

-You are a light worker. 

My favorite book ever. 

-Can’t get enough of THIS COVER right now. What is that song for you right now? please inspire me, comment below. 

-I’m eating this for diner tonight on a dinner Skype date with Elle! this one looks great too! 

Simple is best and getting back to basics feels great. 

-& more from Connie Listen to her on WWRadio 

10 commandments of good design. via Erin.

Taylor Swift’s new song is the new feminine anthem

Ease Into Your Week by Meandering

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New week after a super full moon last night. How was your weekend? Big news, I finished my book this weekend, the first draft at least and after accomplishing that I basically took the weekend to chill. As you’ll see above in my weekend Insta-glimpses I went on walks, celebrated with friends, and explored the farmers market. It’s going to be a rad week, maybe spend some time catching up on episodes of my podcast WWRadio and meandering the  internet led by me below.  I’m sending lots of  love to you from my WW-land to yours.

-How cool is this mindful online market called Abe’s Market? They are sweet and have everything I use from super-foods to beauty products. 

-My post on Tiny Devotions! 5 ways to get into Wellness Wonderland and stay there.

-I finished my book this weekend! Check out this cool thing about it. 

-Love spending time in WW-land as much as I do? Keep in touch with me during the week on Facebook.

-“Surrender is a mere un-attachment to outcome.” wisdom from my friend Culinary Karma read the rest here

-How to create healthy boundaries! 

Mastin Kipp’s new book and he interviews Kris Carr !

-Are you missing live episodes of WWRadio as much as I am? I thought you might be, so below are some of my favorite podcasts I listened to this weekend on long drives and walks. 

Newest episode of The Model Health Show (My two episodes with Shawn his first WWRadio appearance here and his second for the WWSleepOver here)

-Here are two of my fav recent episodes of Goodlife Project hosted by WWRadio alumni Jonathan Fields and my favorite podcast. Listen to my episode with Jonathan here.

Medicine 3.0 and How One Doc Biohacked Her Hormones 


10518076_861365700541966_302708960_n 10554007_307330689426566_110253902_n 10549597_347031485455905_230439121_n 10522224_1430852700531511_869767645_n 10576215_1448790072066397_300884533_n 10570150_1444132902538744_1997096361_n

Fresh week, fresh meanderings. Hope you had a great weekend, ease into your week by exploring the links below and catch up on episodes of my podcast WWRadio,  but until then above are some Insta-glimpses into my weekend & below are  my meanderings of the  internet over the last week and I’ve shared the playlist I used in my Sunday yoga class. There are tons of new exciting things coming your way in the coming weeks so be sure to sign up for my email newsletter but until then I’m sending love to you from my WW-land to yours.

The REAL reason I had to stop the podcast.  I come clean here.

I can’t get enough of this video. wow. so good. 

Two of my fav peeps (both past WWRadio guests) talk hormones & it’s amazing! 

Yum this drink looks delicious. 

30 Lessons learned before 30 from WWRadio alumni Alexis Wolfer, listen to her episode here.

The Breakfast Criminals e-book is here and it features WW-land! yay!

Picnic! without the sugar! 

The perfect advice on exercise, stop moving if you’re doing it out of fear. 

New and full moon rituals 

Seinfeld Might Come to Netflix…um this would make my life! 

12 signs you exercise too much 

My girl Quinn’s August top 5 Favorites (she’s a WWRadio Alumni, listen here)

Think your way full, interesting article and study. 

Last day for bonuses for the FIX YOUR PERIOD for GOOD self-study with past WWRadio guest Nicole Jardim!