Freedom From Food Obsession

Have you gotten my Enlightened Eating Tool Kit Yet? You can get info  from this video & even more deets on this page. But basically, here’s the gist… 

Through understanding my deep rooted tumultuous relationship with food, all areas of  my life could fall into place,  what I call a state of Wellness Wonderland. To me that means balance and living fully in my true purpose.

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As I say in the video,  life is not about the food, what you choose to eat, or what your weight is; what food and your body can be is the doorway to opening you up to your purpose in life and what’s really going on underneath.

optiond copyEmotional eating, body-hate, and disordered eating  are merely symptoms of a bigger issues  in your life (email me for more help on this).

I’ve spoken about food a ton on the blog already & this course was instrumental in my recovery as well as the work of Isabel Foxen Duke (listen to our Podcast chat here & more interviews with me here).

 In the meantime, let ne get you started on your journey to WW-land with my Enlightened Eating Tool Kit.


My  Stress Less Guide– since stress is the intensifier of food problems and unhealthy habits, these are my go to tips to reduce stress.
– My Enlightened Eating Visualized Guide– a beautiful visual reminder that explains the principles of mindful eating and is the perfect thing to hang on your refrigerator to remind you to sit down and never eat with the fridge door open again.  This is the trick for fully enjoying your food, so you can go fully enjoy your life.
My Meal Planning Worksheets–  Just a tad of planning when it comes to food can shift everything by allowing you to focus on your life instead of your meals. I’ve included three unique versions of the  planning system I use so you can choose what works best for you.

Being a little organized sure beats standing in front of the fridge door open chewing on a carrot stick thinking, “I have nothing to eat…what should I have for lunch? There are only ingredients in my fridge no food! 

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Bottom-linejust be cool & get the guide. You need it, I need it, we all need it. Plus it’s free.Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.00.08 AM

Creating A Soul*full Journey To Weight Loss & Body Image

This is a rad guest post from my friend Heather Rampola. Welcome to WW-land take it away Heather…

 It’s hard NOT to be obsessed with skinny in today’s world. You probably know that was part of Katie’s story and journey to living in this space she’s created, WW-land (hear more about that here in my interview with her).

7183f6ea463ab203eb3524264b25be8f.jpgEspecially with media images that are airbrushed, and stretched. You are bombarded with images of “beauty” that frankly don’t exist in the real world.

And while it’s great to desire to be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself, it’s critical that you’re not putting your happiness on hold until you become “skinny”.


Katie and I both  know what it’s like feeling fat and struggling to lose weight. We know the emotions of hate and defeat that “nothing I do works”. We know the pain the shows up when eating food, looking in the mirror, or wearing tight clothes. And because I like to be honest with you, I know the feeling of pain in other areas of my life (work, family, and finances) as a result of carrying the weight and believing that I’m an ugly failure.

The process of getting skinny or losing weight is often painful and unenjoyable as well.

Think about what you traditionally do when it’s time to lose weight:

– Restrict the foods you eat

– Use willpower to avoid overeating and resist temptations

– Exercise excess calories and fat

It’s easy to become almost militant to correct your body into proper shape. Perhaps you decide to instill a new diet regimen and track progress like a hawk. This method is never fun! So doesn’t it make sense that part of you wants to rebel to the “pleasure nazi” dieter inside?

And you’ve probably notice that the “cracking the whip” method to weight loss hasn’t brought you the results you desire… at least not long term.

You can feel great about your body.. you know, like feel authentically, truly beautiful! The kind that loves what she sees in the mirror. The kind that leaves you smiling as you slip on your clothes because you feel comfortable in them. The kind of beauty that arises when you feel so much more confident about yourself that you go after the things you truly desire in life…and get them.

Why not view your body and weight loss as a journey of discovery that’s feels soul*full rather than soulless.  Not only is it a more pleasurable process but it’s also more likely to bring you the results you truly desire.

4 Steps To Soul*full Weight Loss & Body Image

1.) Be Aware  

Perhaps you are aware that you want to lose weight and feel better. But are you aware what foods make you feel like crap? After you eat a meal, take notice of how you feel. Are you still hungry? Does your tummy hurt? Do you feel bloated? Are you super tired? Slow down to take notice of what foods make you feel great and which foods don’t.


2.) Listen To Your Body

Your body is always sending you messages. She is communicating to you by the way you feel and with your inner voice. It’s possible that holding onto the extra weight has been your comfort mechanism. For example, ignoring your desire to take up an old passion such as photography or art class, but instead of listening, you stuff down those desires with food. It’s important to ask your body “what does she say?” and then listen to her.


3.) Take Time For You & Play

Life can get busy with all the responsibilities but it is critical for your soul*full weight loss journey to make time for you and have more fun. Did you know that stress prevents you from reaching your weight loss goals? By taking time to be still, play and have more fun, you signal to your body that it’s okay to stop stressing. When we stop stressing about food and life it’s like we give our body permission to let go of the extra weight.


4.) Cultivate A Loving Relationship With Your Body

Instead of hating your body and criticizing her non-stop, try cultivating a loving relationship. You would never treat another person the way you often treat your body! Remember that your body is endlessly at work to serve and take care of you. This is the body you will live with the rest of your life–– you might as well love her. Thank her and tell her you love her!

When you practice these 4 steps remember it’s not about perfection but rather about the journey! You will spend the rest of your life in this body of yours… so enjoy her. When you do, I guarantee that you will feel lighter both inside and out. It’s worked for Katie and it’s worked for me!

If you’d like more guidance & support to loving your body through your weight loss journey, I’d like to invite you to join me here.

HeatherRampolla_laughter_400x600.jpgAbout my girl  Heather…

Heather Rampolla is host of Fresh Eats Radio, creator of “A Loving Approach To Stubborn Weight Loss” & Fresh Eats Seasonal Detoxes. As an author, podcaster, speaker, and coach, she helps busy ladies rid of overwhelm when trying to eat healthy. Through her courses and episodes she teaches you how to love the body you’re in & easily add in more of the good stuff so you can look good & feel good.


Foodie Friday | PB & J Breakfast Tacos Recipe

Happy 4th of July! Today’s recipe is somewhat patriotic looking with the red & blue berries and if you add some coconut flakes we’ve got the entire US of A  color scheme accounted for. The other day I had nothing in the fridge and didn’t think this week was worth grocery shopping since I’d being going home for the holiday. I woke up starving for breakfast and wanted to eat rather than drink my smoothie so I took my smoothie ingredients and made these tacos instead. This is so simple, refreshing, and light. It requires no equipment and very few ingredients.

-Romain Leaves or Collard Greens 
-Berries (organic frozen of fresh) 
-Nut Butter of Choice (May Favorites are Pumpkin Seed or Hemp Seed) 
-Optional Add-ins: coconut flakes, sea salt, cinnamon etc. 

Sound Good? Share it! Tweet it here! 


FOODIE FRIDAY | Alkalinizing Low-Sugar Green Smoothie

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 11.51.12 AMToday’s recipe is an amazing guest post from my friend Laura (her Etsy shop is yummy, check out all the treats she creates with love and high-vibe super foods). This smoothie is rad and it will quench your summer cravings. Enjoy. Take it away Laura.

Lately we’ve (meaning Katie & I) have been trying to reducing our sugar intake. For me one of my biggest obstacles in cutting out sugar has been finding a breakfast smoothie alternative.  Most smoothies  are loaded with high sugar fruit, including bananas, pineapple, mango, etc., and while they’re delicious, they’re high in sugar which for me right now is what I’m choosing to reduce so I was determined to create one for us that was equally as delicious but lower in sugar and here’s what I came up with for us. 

From my own trial and error, I developed this low-sugar green smoothie I hope you and your skin will enjoy!

Alkalinizing Low-Sugar Green Smoothie


1 c. filtered water/coconut water

Juice of one lime

1 T. chia seeds

1 tsp. coconut oil

¼ avocado

1 granny smith, chopped

½ c. fresh mint leaves

1 c. greens of choice (I use what’s on hand—that might be spinach, kale, beet greens, whatever!)

3 coconut water ice cubes (regular is fine if you don’t have coconut—it just will be less sweet)


Blend all ingredients in the order listed.  Pour.  Serve!

For more recipes from Laura.

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and want to taste her kitchen creations for yourself? She’ll send some right to you! Check out her Etsy shop here. 


Roadmap to Wonderland + Recipe RAD Cauliflower Mash

viewerAs you all know, I love me some Robyn Youkilis. She’s not only one of my very first ever WWRadio guests, but also a guru when it comes to living Wellness Wonderland when you don’t have an abundance of time. I credit much of her work for helping me find my Wellness Wonderland. What sets Robyn apart from the sea of health couches that floods the internet, is her willingness to make healthy living accessible to anyone regardless of where you’re at. Robyn has worked with everyone from busy moms (including my own) to successful entrepreneurs to our mutual guru Gabby Bernstein.

Are you into in healthy eating and living but simply have no clue where to begin? Maybe you want to live in your Wellness Wonderland, but you’re just not sure exactly where that is or you’re too busy to figure it out of know what to buy. Luckily, Robyn has your Roadmap to Wonderland. It’s called the Rockstar Roadmap & it’s the most awesome program I’ve ever seen in my life.

If you wish someone would just tell you exactly what to eat, buy, cook, and do. This program is for you. 

She breaks it all down in a concise and fun way. Teaching you healthy doesn’t mean “give up all that is wonderful”.  It means to take simple steps to impact your health in a big way. You can still be a rockstar AND be your healthiest you.

She’s introducing a new free video training series to get you started right away.  The Rockstar Roadmap will be  your path to Wellness Wonderland.   Have you wanted to know how to get back on track after falling out?  What about how to eat when you’resurrounded by unhealthy options?  If so, these videos are for you.

Here’s what she’s going to cover with you in these videos: 

– The one thing you need to know to be able to eat healthy no matter how busy you are.

– Three secrets to fending off your cravings – even in front of a plate of chips!

 – Four solid tools that will help you get to your healthiest weight without sacrifice (yes, YOU can do this)

– And, oh my gosh, a way of eating a vegetable that I had never heard of before in the yummiest way you can imagine that is now legit my favorite veggie to eat! 

Let me know below if you have any questions about the Roadmap videos! & last but not least I’ll turn it over to our Rockstar herself, Robyn for a recipe just for Wonderland! OMG!


Wellness Wonderland Cauliflower Mash with Truffle Oil

4-6 servings {Easty+ Quick}


1 large head of cauliflower about 4 cups, cut into florets
1 parsnip, peeled and sliced
1 tart apple, seeded and cut into wedges
Salt and pepper, to taste
Optional: Drizzle of truffle oil, about 1-2 tablespoons


1. Place parsnip, cauliflower and apple (in that order) into a steamer and
steam for 12-15 minutes until very soft (alternatively you can boil the
vegetables and drain).
2. Transfer mixture into a food processor. Add salt and pepper, and
blend until smooth.
3. Drizzle truffle oil over mash and taste. Add more oil and seasoning to
desired taste.

For more recipes and tips from Robyn must watch these free videos here!