Shift Accidents to Serendipity

10593293_147778735392312_1392962517_nI recently instagramed this story about an experience I had reframing an old belief pattern. It was such a transformative reframe that it warranted a blog post of it’s own.

Basically here’s the gist of it. 

I accidentally took a selfie while shuffling to put my stuff in my bag at the park and later found this photo in my camera roll. I accidentally took like ten photos while packing up at the park, most were of the sky or my bag or black or really unflattering but then there was this…mid ponytail flip.

Completely accidental. Yet intentional. When I was a kid, a friend’s mom called me accident-prone, something that I carried with me until recently holding onto it and therefore proving it true. At the time I remember it really stung. I was so embarrassed and felt so hurt by that one comment and only recently have let it go. I was proving it to be true in my life until I realized why and where this old belief came from.  I realize now it was actually a compliment, because sometimes accidents are beautiful…um serendipity anyone? I think what she meant to call me was serendipity-prone. Don’t you? Phew feels good to share this.

-Do you have an old belief you’re still holding onto that isn’t serving you anymore?
-A name you were called as a kid that you started to believe and still believe as an adult?
-Do you subconsciously feel not good enough?
-Not smart enough perhaps, because someone told you you were stupid in first grade?

Get honest, to this exercise, and see what’s holding you back. Email me if you want to go deeper here, I can help.

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Flower Power Challenge

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It’s a pretty popular time of year for flowers, especially roses. Not that they need  more hype, but I’m going to give them some anyways. Last week  I treated myself to some pink roses out of the blue and it really had an amazing impact on my mood all week long. Looking at them, smelling them, and photographing them was worth every penny. I highly recommend it.

So this week, I have a challenge for you in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Take (at least) one practical self-care action. Perhaps you take a bath, get a massage, or buy yourself roses (or how about all three?!). Whatever you do make sure it is something you adore and makes you feel good. You are worth it. Taking care of yourself with self-love is a requirement of living in Wellness Wonderland. 

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There Is A Way Through Every Block


Monday Meanderings  have been a mainstay in Wonderland since I started the blog. A day where instead of sharing a new post from me, I share what has been inspiring me from around the web & a few insta-glimpses into my weekend. However, last week was special and I shared a little story and lesson that truly touched me & this week I thought I’d do the same, hope that’s cool with you.

I teach yoga every Sunday morning  to an amazing crew of peeps that teach me way more than I teach them (you should totally join them if you’re local!).  I’ve been teaching a new one of Yogi Bhajan’s 5 Sutras for the Auqarian age each week expanding on one of them in a little lecture at the beginning of class. They are beautiful, concise, and so powerful.

Here they all are, The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age:

1. Recognize that the other person is you.
2. There is a way through every block.
3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
4.  Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
5. Vibrate the cosmos, and the cosmos shall clear the path.

If you’re willing, they can transform your life when you put them into practice.

Today’s class I focused on the second one.


Damn, good right? doesn’t it feel better just to read?

I preached that there is a lesson in every situation no matter how bad it seems & that the world is your classroom & people are your teachers. Even in a seemingly terrible situation you can always find the good. I offered the below affirmation that is a mainstay in my life. Say it whenever you’re in those moments of unease, stress, or fear. It does two things: calms you down immediately & gives the Universe time to step in and give you everything you need. & trust me is always does….(proof below keep reading)…

Here’s the affirmation:


Nice one right? It always works I swear and when you use it, the Universe will give you everything you need.

Case in point: Today driving to my yoga class I woke up with terrible shoulder tension and thought ‘ouch, dang I could really use a massage.’ As I walked out of teaching class a massage therapist walked up to me and said, “would you like a free massage?” I’m not lying! Do you have chills on how perfect that was? I do. It’s just a perfect example of when you are calm and certain of the outcome the Universe will give you everything you need…in my case a massage. It didn’t stop there, for the rest of the day the lights were green, the front parking spot opened up at the grocery store, and I felt completely supported. See how long you can stay in this flow.

Here’s the thing, we teach what we need to learn. I had fogotten this and remembered it after I taught it to others that day. Look what my man YB says about this:


Inevitably we will fall out. We will get out of sync. We will forget the affirmation. We will go into total freak out mode, but when this happens know it is fine. In fact, it’s natural and life’s not about staying in the flow, rather shortening the time it takes you to get back into it.

So how do you get back into it?

Well, there’s lots of ways. You can meditate, go to yoga, or wait for the guidance to come. All great options, but do you want one that is the end-all-be-all for getting back into feeling in the flow? HELP SOMEONE. I know what you’re thinking, if I’m the one in a funk why would I help someone else? Because that’s how we’re wired as humans to help and support each other, that’s what arouses us. This is the best way to get you out of your head & get you back into your flow. Try it. Namaste.








1000 GOAL + THANK YOU + A Few Links


I freaking love you guys so much. I’m so grateful that you visit Wonderland – daily, weekly, accidentally (welcome), or occasionally. I love it here so much and that is because of YOU.


A few weeks ago I set a goal with my friend to get my Facebook fan page to one-thousand ‘likes’ by December. It’s a place where I share positive messages, real-time musings, Instagram photos, podcasts, recipes, and posts that inspire me in the moment. It is truly a fun place to hang, so from a very genuine place I wanted everyone who visited Wonderland to also connect with me there, because if you like it here you’ll love it there!  When I set this intention and tossed this Moby song quote on my vision board I was literally blown away at how the Universe showed up and supported this intention I set for myself.


While we’ve not quite there yet (two-more days) I’m super close & that’s because of YOU. My community, peers, mentors, & friends rallied around me, supported me, and helped me to get so close to this goal that I can taste it and I know I will be there by December now.

I tell you this story as a example of the power of asking. When you put out in the world what you desire, believe you are worth it,and manifest it, you literally can call it in and that’s what I’m doing. It was just the example I needed to prove this stuff really works. If you want more proof check out this blog post of Kris Carr’s & this book that is full of experiments that you can try yourself to prove the law of attraction.


Here are a few helpful links for Thanksgiving:

Tips to avoid overeating and feeling sick!

Scientific proof Gratitude is good!

How-to handle the holiday’s with Gabby!

MY UPCOMING LECTURE!!!!! Please sign up if you are local! It is this coming Friday at my yoga studio! Details below! I’d love to meet you there! xxoo



Gratitude for Today | Monthly Gratitude list of what I’m loving, what’s on yours?


Foodie Friday will return next week, but until then here’s a little Gratitude for ya. Here are the little things I’m enjoying right now:

1) Loving everything about the soothing effects of candles, seriously nothing better to make working from home even better.

2) Feeling supported and embraced by the wellness community. Feeling a part of something bigger than me & having a tribe, thanks to post like this & this & this.

3) Everything about my Podcast, the WWRadio!

4) Listening to vinyl records while I work…getting to work from home.

5) Ayurveda is amazing, I’m learning so much about my body through my dosha! What’s yours? Here’s a great quiz to find out! I’m Vata to the max.

6) Finding and keeping a morning and evening routine. More about those later next week, and feel free to spend your evenings with me on my newest series, Weary in Wonderland.

7) Designing these for gabby each day.

8) Speaking of gabby, I adore this article about her & especially the photos.

9) I love this Free People video & all the outfits in it.

10) Loving this week’s Eating Psychology conference. I’m a bit overwhelmed with how much information I’ve eaten up, I think I will be digesting this for a while, just so much good stuff there.