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welcome back.

I’ve done a Monthly Meanderings for a real long time. It’s a way for me to be your internet tour guide show you all the things I’ve read / heard / watched recently. Until next time keep in touch on Facebook & Instagram or maybe explore the archive of my podcast or read my book.

-Some election stand-up I really liked.

-She seems really cool & I liked reading this about embracing your flaws.

-A podcast I was on this month.

This makes me so happy. As someone who grew up listening to the Rent soundtrack and memorizing it when I was young, it makes me so happy to see talented performers from my generation who grew up with it too reviving it for the 20th anniversary of the show.

-Chill out to the sound of Wikipedia?

-I love her. & this entire yearbook is real cool.

-The most helpful thing I listened to about politics recently.

-Can’t wait to be back in LA in a couple weeks and go back here to eat. YUM.

-Navigating racial awkwardness 

happy things. 

-If you liked Stranger Things as much as I did… (trust me as I was surprised as anyone that I’d like a show about a monster as much as I did, but it was really a show about people so check it out) but if you watched it you MUST also watch the kids of Stranger Things on Fallon. This made me really happy.

-My friend and friend of the podcast Dr. Joy Jacobs made an online course for parents about how to identify red flags for eating disorders in your children. Please share with anyone you think it would help… thanks.

Love this on ideas and creativity. You catch ideas you don’t make them.

-Really excited about this TV adaptation. 

-Looking forward to listening to this too.

-This episode 09 of the new podcast I found called ‘Meditations in the City’ with Elizabeth Reid is a must listen for anyone who like me, struggles to actually FEEL feelings in our bodies rather than just think them in our minds which is something my therapist pointed out to me recently that I’ve been trying to become more cognizant of. I like this podcast in general, this week’s guest on

-This article from Ann Friedman about peer mentoring was great. “… it’s hard to seek help in solving your problems when you’re pretending you don’t have any.”

-I really like everything about this.

-A lot of great quotes in this essay.



13438823_919946334777784_3992432195116703626_n 13521896_920199694752448_3523306463030337664_nHappy 4th of July! Here are some things I liked around the internet over the last week or so. Enjoy meandering my links. Hope your holiday weekend is v chill.

oh FYI…  I’ll be in Columbus, Ohio next weekend for two events with my friend Simi. First my book signing at the Book Loft which you can RSVP for here and the next day I’m on a panel of Boss Babes  which you can sign up for here if it’s not sold out. then the following weekend I’ll be in Chicago for my book launch there on July 16 from 1-3pm details and location to come. Hope to see you there.

Now for the links… 

Flower infused lipsticks? cool. 

Song to meander the internet to.

This is goofy, aka a decent time-waster.

What a cool guy, he will be missed.

-Last 4 minutes of this Moby video are wise.

These are fun. 

-Aziz’s New York Times Op-ed, Why Trump Makes Me Scared for My Family.

-Cool wedding at my friend’s flower house!

Goth T.Swift is gone, rejoice. This article made me laugh.

This also made me really laugh. #Funny

Oprah & Michelle. #power

-The number one state is the one I live in. omg. #proud

-Best speech ever, hear smart people discuss it. 

Public Hair trends.

-I really enjoyed Ann Friedman talking about Freelancing here.

-I want this to be my wedding dress. I’m not engaged. But I want to be to wear this.

Loved this and love her. 

-Good summer book I’m excited to start reading.

-Yum everything on this I want to eat or drink. …. I actually ate this one with I was in LA at Squirl.

-I want to be a bestiepreneur.  Do you? call me…

-Catie’s podcast Employee of the Month is rad, so naturally I loved this interview with her in the hot seat.

-Where to buy the best bread.  & a trick to make better sandwiches with said bread.

3 things I liked from Rookie Mag this week…

blaming emotions on astrology.

-Summer make-up tutorial.

How to take yourself to dinner. 

Last but not least I few places I was around the internet… 

-I was did a post on friend of the podcast Natalie MacNeil’s blog!

-I was on the Recovery Warriors Podcast this month, here’s the link to that. 

-I was also on Terri Cole’s Hello Freedom podcast this week. Being in the guest seat is pretty fun.


BONUS PODCAST EPISODE — 17 Questions with Gabby Bernstein

Image-1Today you get the answer to 17 Special Questions for Gabby. Not only do I have this BONUS EPISODE in audio format but I also have it to share with you as an actual video recording. Check it out to get Gabby’s latest inside scoop on life, career, inspiration and and more!

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Katie WONDERS No. 009 | April/May Gratitudes ft. Love Alexi, Freebies from Gabby, Spiralized Zucchini and more!


Welcome to episode 9 of my podcast mini series Katie WONDERS. In these episodes I share all the things I’ve been exploring and loving over the past month. You can read more about the concept in this post where I explained it.

Before we get to the show notes I have 4 special announcements::

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4. My mentor Gabby Bernstein has an awesome VIDEO SERIES for a limited time that will help clear the blocks to your confidence and provide direction you can act on right now. It’s 100% free and totally worth checking out.

The links and notes for everything I mentioned in this episode are below. If you have any questions, things you want to share with me or just want to say hi the best way to do that is to join the extended conversation in the Facebook Group.  Enjoy!

-MY BOOK  ? Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling
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June 22nd  – Book Launch & Signing Event in East Lansing, MI  – Details Here

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
WTF with Mark Maron
Love Alexi
Being Boss
One Part Podcast
Fresh Air
Soul Feed

Terry Gross (in love with her interviews)
Josh Radnor (in love with his movies)

Everything Is Copy
Liberal Arts

Beyoncé’s New Album: Lemonade
Drake’s New Album: Views
Beth Stelling (comedy)

Marissa Lace

Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It 

Gracias Madre
Cafe Gratitude
Spiralized Zucchini (with coconut aminos, tahini, avocado, olive oil, hemp seeds OR cut in tiny pieces and fried with coconut oil, turmeric, salt, pepper, spinach, and some nutritional yeast)

Theme song::
I Wonder by Kanye West

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Katie WONDERS No. 008 | BIRTHDAY Party SPECIAL Episode Listener Q&A


Today I have a special Katie Wonders (episode 8) for you guys! I’ve been wanting to record a listener Q&A for a while so I decided to finally do it on my birthday which was April 3oth.  I couldn’t think of a better way to start off my 26th year than by hanging out with you guys and answering your questions via this podcast. If you are new to the Katie WONDERS mini-series you can read more about the concept in this post. Before we get into the episode I wanted to share a few important things::

1. Let It Out BOOK TOUR – I’ve got lots of events in a number of cities coming up.  Be sure to check out the full schedule on the main book page.

2. Join the Facebook Group for Listeners to the podcast here.  If there are any questions you have for me post them and I can include them in my next listener Q&A call. I know I forgot to answer a couple Qs so I’ll answer those in another episode.

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The links and notes for books, products, and other things I mentioned in my responses to your questions are below.  Thank you to all those that submitted questions for this episode!

-MY BOOK  ? Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling
LEAVE A REVIEW — Read the book? Help others discover it by leaving a review here.
May 14th – Book Launch Party in Detroit  – Details Here
May 22rd – Book Launch Party in L.A. – Details Coming Soon!
-May 28th – Book Signing + Q&A in Columbus OH – Details Coming Soon!

Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It 
The Five Love Languages 

-Shimmer Lights Blue Shampoo
Hairdryer that has a brush on it
Herbivore Sea Salt Texture Spray

Abraham-Hicks (if you want to know more about Abraham listen to this video first with Oprah)
TM Meditation   (podcast all about this coming soon)

Misophonia — this episode on One Part Plant explains it! 

Theme song::
I Wonder by Kanye West

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