Sleep in Wellness Wonderland | 4 Tips From My Bed

I hope you enjoyed sleep week as much as I did. Today I share from my bed, 4 tips to make your sleep even more awesome. Sweet dreams & see you next week. 

-Here’s the link to the alarm clock I mention.

-Here’s my podcast episode with Shawn all about how to Sleep Smarter.

Here are my top 11 Sleep resources.

-My top tips for when you wake up late.

– & all my Sleep Week posts.

Goodnight and sleep WELL!

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5 Tips For Oversleeping | Wake Up, It’s Better Than Dreaming

IMG_3603Today I pressed snooze. Actually I pressed it twice. Since full authenticity is my jam, okay I pressed it about 7 times and woke up an hour and a half after I wanted to. How did this make me feel? To be honest, not great. I adore the mornings and as I’ve said in many a podcast including this one with Jordan Bach who agrees, mornings are magic time and morning routines are crucial to how the rest of my day goes.

I like to give myself ample time in the morning to do all the things I love that set the tone for the rest of my day, including exercising, meditating, oil pulling, listening to something inspiring and more importantly journaling. I wrote an entire laundry list of 11 morning routines here.

Clearly, mornings are special to me. I mentioned in this week’s P-cast that I even start to look forward to them in the evenings.

But what happens on those days where my 5:15 wake up call just isn’t happening? When it’s raining and I crawl back into bed for just 5 minutes? Then 5 minutes becomes 2 hours and then I have to rush out the door and I’m lucky if I have time to brush my hair. It happens, this happens to everyone. Our beds have a way of being  black holes, pulling us in and keeping us there much longer than we expected.

Here are my tips for days when this happens to you because it sure happens to me.

1) Don’t beat yourself up about it. Even if you had your entire morning planned and you now have time for none of it  that’s okay be nice to yourself anyways. Being hard one yourself won’t get you more time.

2) Don’t toss everything out the window because you woke up late. The day is not shot, sure you didn’t get your morning routine in, but hey the world will not end if you don’t oil pull for one day.

3) Trust that everything happens for a reason. On some level you needed that extra sleep (even if it was in 10 minute sections and jarred by loud snooze alarms). Instead, of frustration and hopelessness trade these emotions for excitement and gratitude  for your bed and the day ahead. One of my fav peeps, Louise Hay thanks her bed every morning before she even opens her eyes. Great idea right?

4) Make your first thought a positive one. On a day you overslept it will be easier than ever to spiral into negative thoughts upon waking. Thoughts of “I’m so terrible, I had so much to do today and now I have to rush.” etc. Trade those thoughts for positive ones and be gentle with yourself. You are not wrong for sleeping in.

Here’s what I say to myself every morning. The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful and so are you. Dear ________ (insert your name here). “ It’s a nice one, right? {TWEET THIS}

…or say the below Lousie Hay affirmation. It is perfect to say whenever something doesn’t go your way, so I always say it when I’m running late or wake up late.


5) Listen to music. This is one thing that regardless of how little time you  have you can absolutely still do. It takes all of 2.5 seconds to turn on a record or click Spotify on on your phone. I wake up to this song on vinyl every morning. There is something about taking the time to put on music when you do something that sends the signal you are being intentional about whatever it is you’re doing. Whether it’s taking a shower or making a smoothie, by listening to something you are making it clear you are attempting  at least, to be present and enjoy the moment of whatever you’re doing.

Bottom Line: That all being said, waking up early is rad. Ever wished there were more hours in the day? There can be, the earlier you wake up!

I’ve come to realize waking up early is a choice. Everyday, we have to make a choice to get up and live the day or crawl back into bed and hope for good dreams. Why not jump out of bed and make good dreams happen?

PS. To optimize your sleep so waking up is easier listen to this podcast & read Sleep Smarter!




Sleep Week Resources {Required Reading, Watching, or Listening}


My relationship with sleep has been tumultuous. From staying up all night finishing projects and being cheering at school the next day to spending my adolescence sleeping-in until at least noon every weekend.  I didn’t really think much about sleep at all, which became ironic when I immersed myself in healthy eating and living. I was focused on exercise and food to be ‘healthy’ but researching articles on candida until 2:00am. Now is that an oxymoron or what? It wasn’t until this year, that a teacher came into my life who drastically altered my relationship with sleep. Shawn Stevenson, sleep guru and author of this brand new book Sleep Smarter: 21 Proven Ways To Sleep Your Way to A Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success taught me the importance of sleep & gave me the real wake up call [pun intended] that optimizing my sleep was the missing factor in  elevating my vitality so I could be most effective in what I’m on earth to do.

Definitely, check out Shawn’s book, it WILL change your life and is required reading for all WWonderland inhabitants. He will also be the guest on WWRadio this Wednesday for a special edition podcast: The Wellness Wonderland Sleep Over. Additionally, check out the resources below that will also help shift your paradigm with it comes to sleep.

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1. Danielle LaPorte on Sleep 


2. Gabby Bernstein on Sleep As a Spiritual Practice. 

sleep spiritual

3. How Sleep Deprivation Decays the Mind & Body…yikes! get those zzzzzz’s

4. How Sleep Can Help Cure Acne

5. TED talk on Why We Sleep 

6. The Alarm Clock that I use and recommend – kinda pricey but totally worth it! Buy it here! Philips Wake-Up Light!


7. Shawn’s Book, Sleep Smarter  omg, trust me just read it, okay? Celebrate with him.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.00.28 AM

8. Sleep Infographic from Mind Body Green. 

9. Legs up the wall before bed so healthy!

10. Shawn’s 3 part Podcast on Sleep. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

11. And last but not least my sleep playlist for your listening & sleeping pleasure. Yawn. Good Night, don’t let the bed bugs bite.