WWBeauty Tip {VIDEO} | Long Lashes Naturally



I posted this photo on Instagram about how I started applying Castor Oil to my eyelids before bed as a method of growing longer eyelashes. I had lots of questions about this so I thought I’d make a quick video about it. Try it out if you want long lashes because Castor Oil stimulates hair growth. Simply apply  to your eyelash line after you’ve washed your face and removed your eye makeup (I use coconut oil as an eye makeup remove and it works like a charm). So watch the video for more info and let me know if you have questions! & Share this method with a friend by clicking here! {Tweet it out!}

Adorable Video on How to be a Healthy Rockstar

Want to get healthy and not give up your life to make that a reality?  Maybe you want to lose a few pounds and feel amazing without having to pass on your fun plans this weekend?

Healthy doesn’t mean “give up all that is wonderful”.  It means to take simple steps to impact your health in a big way.  You can still be a rockstar AND be your healthiest you.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 6.25.17 PM

I’ve got something to share from passionate health coach and foodie Robyn Youkilis. You all know how I LOVE Robyn! Remember our great WWRadio interview here? & Remember when we went on Vacation with her here?  

She’s introducing a new free video training series that I know you’ll love.  The Rockstar Roadmap is exactly what you need to become your healthiest you.  Have you wanted to know how to get back to fabulous after a late night out?  What about how to eat when you’re surrounded by unhealthy options?  If so, this series is for you.

Here’s what she’s going to cover with you:

  • The one thing you need to know to be able to eat healthy no matter how busy you are.
  • Three secrets to fending off your cravings – even in front of a plate of chips!
  • Four solid tools that will help you get to your healthiest weight without sacrifice (yes, YOU can do this)

Check out her AMAZING kick off video and sign up now!

Wellness Weekends | Super Soul Sunday

Get your alarms or DVRs set to 11:00 tomorrow morning for the most amazing thing to hit the television. This week on Oprah’s OWN network’s show Super Soul Sunday she will feature the next generation of spiritual leaders. These three people are some of the most inspiring people on the planet and my biggest idols and mentors. Their work, from blogs, to videos, to books, to tweets inspires me every day. They have completely changed my life and I want you to know and love them too.

First, Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love, who inspires people with quotes and positive thoughts of love daily. Mastin began with just a Twitter account tweeted inspirational quote and one day Kim Kardashian retweeted him and his site blew up almost over night.

Next Marie Forleo, who has the most amazing website teaching positivity in business practices. Her magnetizing personality, focus and determination shine through every video she creates.

And last but certainly not least, my beautiful amazing guru Gabrielle Bernstein. Gabby was how I first found how shifting your perceptions to positivity can alter any situation. Her books, videos, meditations, and lectures have completely changed my life. I tell everyone I know about her & watching her longtime dream of being on Oprah come true is a dream come true for me too.

Today at 11 a.m. ET/PT to get words of wisdom from these teachers. Make it a viewing party brunch extravaganza!

More About Marie, Mastin and Gabrielle

Wellness Weekends | Tara Stiles is adorable in her old Videos

I absolutely love Tara Stiles, yoga instructor extraordinare. And lately I cannot get enough of her YouTube channel. Her videos (on everything including yoga, meditation, healthy living, food, and cooking) have inspired me to make more video content for this blog. I love how much of her bubbly, enthusiastic personality shines through in every video regardless of the topic. Here are some of my favorites at the moment & why…but check out her entire YouTube channel and subscribe.

5 habits of healthy people- such great things…I’m trying to do them all. My favorite is number five.

Her super meal! Best line from this video…”if you can breath you can do yoga & if you can eat food you can cook food” & I love that she’s from the Mid-West & gives it a shout-out here!

Bedtime tips night night!

Great tough yoga flow!

This dessert looks so tasty!

weekend wellness {three} starting the day with a twist


{image & info via Mind Body Green}

A twist of lemon, that is! A glass of warm water with lemon a day keeps the doctor away. So why should you start your day with a tall pre-breakfast glass of lemon water? Why not – it tastes wonderful and is so calming and relaxing to wake up to. If that’s not reason enough, here are some health benefits that will have you sold on this little morning ritual of mine.

I usually keep my mornings really clean, starting with lemon water and usually a smoothie when I’m actually hungry. As Americans it is ingrained in our brains to eat a huge breakfast as soon as we awaken for energy, when in fact the result from those high fat, high sugar/animal protein typical breakfasts is that the take so much energy to digest they are stealing your energy from doing other things. While I love a good breakfast as much as the next guy, I think it is important to listen to your body and not just feed it because it is morning – feed it because you are hungry.

However, it is a good idea to eat within two hours of waking up and start with something healthy and empowering, as it can set the tone for your entire day. A green smoothie of some sort or fruit are a great options because they take very little energy for your body to digest.

I digress, that’s enough about breakfast (we can talk smoothies in another Weekend Wellness post), but back to the pre-breakfast lemon water ritual.  It will immediately give you a vitamin C boost, help your digestion and get things moving in the morning. It also balances PH, clears skin, aids dental care, controls high blood pressure, hydrates the lymph system, reduces fever and purifies blood. …reason enough? If you’re still unsure, you have some extra reading. There are some great articles about this subject.  So don’t just take my word for it, read thisthisthis…& this.


things you need: half a lemon, warm water, your favorite mug

Simply warm the water and while it’s heating up grab a lemon roll it along the counter top to soften it and slice it in half. Place one half in the fridge to use later. Pour the water in the mug once warm and let it cool if it’s piping hot (having the water boiling or too hot will kill/cook the enzymes in the lemon making it slightly less beneficial) after water has cooled and is warm but not hot squeeze the juice of half the lemon into the mug. Sip slowing and enjoy!

optional: Sometimes I add in some fresh ginger (let it steep in the water first) & a shake or two of cayenne pepper.