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Mentoring with Katie Dalebout

I have to tell you guys something. On the outside I looked like I had it all together but I felt stuck. I hated my body. I would do anything to change it. I was ruining my relationships and my life. I felt trapped… until I pulled myself out.

Eventually I traded body & food addictions for self-help, which I realize now was just transferring one neurosis to another. Then I finally got to know myself and figured out how to be my authentic self. I no longer felt like I had to hide any part of myself. This took time and is something I still work on, but I’m a lot happier now and I’m way more fun to be around.

Now I coach other people through that process – my ‘journey through journaling,’ if you will. I work with the coolest people. They are smart, inspired, and ready to make sustainable change. People who know they’re destined for greatness but need a little clarity to fully actualize the life they desire.

Are you one of those people? Do you want a program that will nurture you on a soul level? Then I’m probably your girl. Hi. I’ve been waiting for you.

Think of the Wellness Wonderland Coaching experience as a spa for your soul.

Our sessions will feel like a mental massage and together we will pamper your lifestyle, routines, body, and soul. My goal on each call is to simply be useful. It is a time for you to pick my brain and allow me to guide you into your state of bliss that I call your Wellness Wonderland.

  • I will meet you where you are.
  • I will listen.
  • I will talk.
  • I will be the support you need.

I am passionate about helping you create simple wellness routines that connect you to what’s pleasurable for you. Instead of telling you things to remove from your life, I guide you to add in tools for joy and bliss. By following your pleasure you’re led to unlock your true purpose and show up more fully in the world. I love talking about the elephants in the room, meaning the things you’re afraid to admit to even your best friends but you want to share with someone you trust. I am that person. I love having deep authentic conversations, making me the ideal container to hold your special information, help you interpret it, and eventually let it go. I honestly love coaching but I think it is because I work with the most amazing clients.


Featured Articles
"Katie is a true Spirit Junkie. Her commitment to her personal growth and her miracle mindset are immeasurable. It has been a privilege to witness her path and see her step into her power as a leader and teacher. Katie is a powerful example for anyone ready to clear the blocks to the presence of their purpose and light." 
"Katie's work is deeply inspirational and gave me permission to step fully into my own wonderland. Katie is the most authentic public figure in the wellness world right now. She doesn't just walk her talk she embodies what it means to be a true leader and a role model. Her energy is magnetic, her work is life-changing and her compassion is endless. Through her epic podcast and online presence, Katie artfully curates meaningful content for her audience -- it's clear that she knows her audience intimately and puts deep thought into this work. Katie has introduced me to teachers, healers and friends that I might have otherwise never met."
“Katie is just incredible. Her heart, passion, & insight lift up everyone around her. If you're searching for joy, inspiration, & wonder... Katie is your girl. A true connector, she is bringing the dreamers of the world together in Wonderland. There isn't a person I meet (or a client I work with) who I don't send straight to her podcast!”
Katie is one of the most authentic people I have ever met and has given me permission to be more myself.  She guided me to allow more joy and pleasure into my day-to-day, drop the rules I imposed on myself, and invited me to focus on the beauty of my life.  Katie helped me transform my mornings from chaos and restriction to space and ease.  And she encouraged me to go deep within my journal and let it out!  Knowing Katie is a true blessing in my life.
Evelina KaradavoukianEvelina Karadavoukianclient
Through mentoring with Katie I was really amazed me how she picked up on my blind spots and understood where I can improve on. She introduced me to a whole new world of journaling, authors, ideas, perspectives and ALWAYS encouraged me to live life big! Above all, it's more rewarding and encouraging to witness your mentor doing the same for herself! She knew how to motivate me to take on greater challenges each session and simultaneously she was able to do big things herself. At that moment I realized that she's someone who truly inspires me. I've recommended her podcast to many friends of mine because her content is so relating and gravitating! I've haven't missed a single podcast she's produced and truly looking forward to her upcoming book! She has played a solid contributing role on the individual I am today. Thank you, Katie!”  
Gaby GruenbaumGaby Gruenbaumclient
“Katie is the perfect combination of tough love and rainbows. She dared me to dream big and bust through my limiting beliefs while providing love and support. Overwhelmed by my own dreams and frozen with fear, Katie helped me to get clear and focused, making it easier to check items off my list. Katie leads by example. Boldly sharing her own powerful story, she lives a life that is truly authentic. She's the best!” 
Hayley Blake, ClientHayley Blake, Client
“Working with Katie has been one of the most transformative experiences of my adult life. When I reached out to her as a long-time listener of her podcast, I felt an instant connection to her authentic way of making me feel cared for. She is the real deal, when it comes to coaches. Not only is she my mentor, but she has become a great friend that supports me in everything I do. Katie is an open book during every session, and her rawness has helped me fully accept and embrace my own journey. Since working with her, I have grown mentally, spiritually, and creatively. I feel like I know myself better than I ever have, and a lot of that is due to Katie knowing exactly what we need to dive into every time we talk. Everyone needs a Katie in their life!” 

Mentoring FAQ

Why would I invest in a mentor? Here are a few reasons…

  • You want to create a vision for your life that makes you want to jump out of bed like it’s Christmas morning.
  • You want clarity regarding your life purpose and how to live to your full potential.
  • You want to feel like you belong, and build a community of people to support you.
  • You want to feel confident, inspired, and powerful. You want to find your voice and embrace your femininity.
  • You want to start a journaling practice but feel like you have nothing to write.

Am I your girl? (Well, maybe…)

  • You’d love to have grounded morning and evening routines but just don’t know how it would work in your unique life?
  • You’d love to journal and express your creativity but don’t think you have time?
  • Have you tried to find happiness through controlling your physical body?
  • You’ve been a chronic dieter or obsessed with ‘health’?
  • Ever tossed labels on your diet just so you could opt out of eating certain things? Felt you never fit in anywhere?
  • You long for a an uplifting, positive community of your own? You crave fresh inspiration and learning new things?
  • You want to see the law-of-attraction work in your life? You’re interested in personal development and spirituality?
  • You could you use a bit more pleasure in your life?

I got you. In fact, I was // am you. I’ve worked with A LOT of coaches and am grateful for every single guide. I now share all that guidance with you. Luckily, I’ve busted through many of my own blocks and spiraled myself up towards joy. Now I really do reside in this Wonderland place I preach about—most of the time. It’s not all rainbow and fairies in my life--trust me but I’ve got my security blankets, my tools for comforting myself and want to help you have those too.

So what’s it like to work with me?

  • 50-minute calls twice a month.
  • Your Wellness Wonderland welcome care package. My gift for you- with a few of my favorite things including your journal that will be used during our time together.
  • A starter organic holistic skin care package from Good Medicine Beauty Lab.
  • Action items & things for you to follow-up on.
  • Accountability.
  • Curated and personalized inspiration for you from me.
  • Access to my private Facebook community.
  • A tailored morning and evening routine based on your specific life situation and circumstances.
  • Personalized journal exercises to go deep into the corners of your mind and explore untapped emotions.
  • Personalized meditations.
  • Guided meditations during calls as needed.
  • Oracle card readings during calls as needed.
  • Bonus: copy of my book (after April 5, 2016)

What is the investment?

  • $600 per month for three-month mentorship, or $1,700 for the full three months at once. ($100 discount)
  • $290 one-time session (case-by-case basis), back by popular demand. Includes: 1 hour Breakthrough Session.
    • **This session is ideal for a single block you want to work though or a Q&A style session with me // opportunity to pick my brain.
    • Upgrade to full package within 2 weeks and get $100 toward your purchase.

How often do we meet?

  • Every other week for a 50 minute sessions by phone. (2 sessions per month by phone; 6 total over the session)

What is the duration?

  • Making a three-month commitment is crucial for change to occur. You are welcome to continue coaching after your three-month mentorship is complete – many clients do – but we check in and create new goals together for the next three months. We are always going deeper.
  • After the three months, we can drop back to maintenance sessions (once monthly) if that’s best for you. One time break through sessions are available on a case by case basis, however they are best for a targeted discussion on a particular question or topic. This option doesn’t allow for the depth, accountability and follow-up of the 3-month mentorship.

Apply below, and we’ll hop on a free 30 minute call to make sure we’re a fit. I’m psyched to meet you!

Kate Dalebout