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There’s a million reasons not to dance, but wow it feels good when we do. We’ve been on quite the journey with each other since we started the 2013 Dance Challenge in January. This is the last Dance Check-In post of the year. Remember the very first post about starting this challenge here?  Over 2013 I checked in with you  12 times (read them all here) to see if you were still committed to dancing, shaking out pent up energy, physically moving through things, and having fun. What were some of your favorite songs to jam to over the year? Should we do this challenge again in 2014?

My vote is yes & I say let’s yet again amp it up a notch. At the end of 2013 something absolutely amazing came into my life. A person and her message moved me a deeply. Erin Stutland and Shrink Session changed my relationship with exercise and movement in general. I watched this video from previous WWRadio guest Bex and was intrigued, the concept of saying affirmations while you move, sweat, dance, and breath is interesting at the very least.

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Then I tried it. I downloaded her free 20 minute workout download and was instantly hooked. Her personality, message, and vibrance shine through and I’m so in love with this program all I want to do is share it. You can try it too! If you’re in NYC, take live classes with my guru girl herself, or if you’re not in NYC like me, simply grab her workouts and you can do them in your living room while you’re dancing. Or, my personal favorite, pop it on your headphones while you’re out on a walk, cleaning the kitchen, or on the treadmill. It is so motivating listening to the music with her voice. It is truly a moving meditation that will open you up to receive more than ever before.

I never run. I look funny when I run and associated running with punishment from middle school gym class and having to run laps. That changed for me with Erin’s soul stroll Shrink Session audio. All of a sudden, boom there I was running like I was Roger Bannister. This month Erin did a 7 day challenge where she gave out a new free 5 minute workout every day and challenged us to share our experience on social media. I literally jumped at the idea and blasted my experience with her all over Instagram. So enjoy the goofy selfies below and try out Shrink Session for yourself here.

PS. Expect to see a full interview with Erin’s story on #WWRadio in early 2014 as well as many more collaborations for Shrink Session and Wellness Wonderland.




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