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Ease Into Your Week by Meandering

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New week after a super full moon last night. How was your weekend? Big news, I finished my book this weekend, the first draft at least and after accomplishing that I basically took the weekend to chill. As you’ll see above in my weekend Insta-glimpses I went on walks, celebrated with friends, and explored the farmers market. It’s going to be a rad week, maybe spend some time catching up on episodes of my podcast WWRadio and meandering the  internet led by me below.  I’m sending lots of  love to you from my WW-land to yours.

-How cool is this mindful online market called Abe’s Market? They are sweet and have everything I use from super-foods to beauty products. 

-My post on Tiny Devotions! 5 ways to get into Wellness Wonderland and stay there.

-I finished my book this weekend! Check out this cool thing about it. 

-Love spending time in WW-land as much as I do? Keep in touch with me during the week on Facebook.

-“Surrender is a mere un-attachment to outcome.” wisdom from my friend Culinary Karma read the rest here

-How to create healthy boundaries! 

Mastin Kipp’s new book and he interviews Kris Carr !

-Are you missing live episodes of WWRadio as much as I am? I thought you might be, so below are some of my favorite podcasts I listened to this weekend on long drives and walks. 

Newest episode of The Model Health Show (My two episodes with Shawn his first WWRadio appearance here and his second for the WWSleepOver here)

-Here are two of my fav recent episodes of Goodlife Project hosted by WWRadio alumni Jonathan Fields and my favorite podcast. Listen to my episode with Jonathan here.

Medicine 3.0 and How One Doc Biohacked Her Hormones 

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