Here It IS - Your HAPPY Holidays Audio Workshop! Enjoy! - Katie Dalebout

Here It IS – Your HAPPY Holidays Audio Workshop! Enjoy!


As promised, here’s the audio

of my Putting The HAPPY back into the Holiday Season Workshop. As I explain in the recording, this workshop is adapted from a rad live in-person workshop I gave at my local yoga studio. After promoting that workshop on my blog I received many requests from people all over to be able to participate via live stream. With that, I revamped the workshop and was set to livestream it Sunday night. In the most humbling way, major technical difficulties prevented it from happening (thank you again to all who were there waiting for me Sunday night).

During that sticky situation I felt sad, embarrassed, and grateful all at the same time, then instantly decided to practice what I was planning to preach that night & use it as an opportunity to pivot and Put The Happy Back Into The Situation. Throughout the week as I prepared this audio or video, it became clear to me exactly why my Sunday evening debacle occurred. This workshop was never meant to be live. The content translates better into a pause-able, listen on-the-go, again and again, on your own time, in your own space type of platform and the one I love best: a podcast. Now you can take your time with this workshop, and go in deep to each of the meditations, exercises and tools included.

Now this audio recording has longevity and can be used to help all of us forever stay HAPPY & in Wonderland throughout any holiday.

I learned more than simply how to properly use YouTube Livestream – I discovered that when things don’t go your way, even if you’re positive that your plan is best, there’s a plan far greater than your own.

I hope you enjoy Putting The Happy Back Into The Holiday Season this year. And now that you have the tools, have a truly HAPPY holiday season.

Adore you all,

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Here is the worksheet PDF again!
Download PDF

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