Gratitude for Music | The XX in Detroit - Katie Dalebout

Gratitude for Music | The XX in Detroit


So it’s no big surprise to Wonderland that I love me some xx. I’ve done multiple posts (here & here) on how much I love this young British band so much and their music brings up so much emotion for me. They’ve become my favorite music to meditate to, sleep to, drive to, walk to, cook to, and especially teach yoga to.

They’ve pretty much become my amazing imaginary friends that are by my side all day long, from in the shower to teaching yoga class. In fact, they’ve been with me through all my ups and downs of yoga teaching from when I was way nervous first starting out to when I was teaching full-time, 4 or 5 classes a day. I start every class I teach with the Intro, and it gets me in the mode. When teaching yoga, the playlist has to inspire the teacher even more than it inspires the students, since you’re never going to find a playlist that every person agrees on. For me, whenever I couldn’t decide what to play, my go-to was always an xx album and everyone was happy.


So clearly when I found out my dear friends were coming to Detroit I absolutely had to get tickets. A week ago today I saw them perform and I was so moved. I was enamored by the fact that every show they play is a little different and it really hit me, the talent they (and all artists) have that they get up there and perform so often yet recreate this rad sound while making it a fresh and unique experience.

It’s truly amazing to me, they are lights in this world and I hope they come out with 10 million more albums because I love them!

Picasso said something like, ‘all children are artists – it’s when we grow up that we lose it.’ Keep your artist in you alive as you grow up, you never know what it can produce.

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2 thoughts on “Gratitude for Music | The XX in Detroit

  1. XX + Detroit = good combo. The music scene in the town will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s been a big epicenter for music at various points in history and you feel it when you’re taking in a concert in any of the downtown venues.

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