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Gratitude for Today | List of What I am Loving lately


So here’s a list of some things I’m loving or have loved lately. Clearly, gratitude is crucial to living in a Wellness Wonderland of your own (it’s a whole category on the blog for gosh sakes). So to dwell in Wonderland, make a gratitude list of authentic things you love in the moment, carry it around in your pocket or purse and pull it out to make you happy whenever you feel funky. It will/ should be changing all the time. It can be little or big things. I’ll continue sharing mine weekly (but be more consistent) – how do thursday’s sound?

Here’s my authentic list right now:

1) Hay House World Summit  was amazing & I was so inspired form listening to all the amazing interviews. I wished for more and they came along….

2)  MASTIN KIPPS’ The Daily Love EXTAVAGANZA – every interview was so insightful and amazing. He had such a well rounded group of people with so many unique perspectives. I took so many notes and I can’t wait to share them this week.

3) TEXTING. Yes, texting! It’s so fun to be able to keep in touch with my friends who are everywhere. Yes talking on the phone is ideal and I love a good phone conversation as much as the next guy, but there is something to be said for texting. It’s just a quick jolt of hello where you don’t have to small talk your way to the good stuff, you can get right to the point, ask what you want to know or tell them what you’re dying to tell them in the moment without having to wait or allow it to naturally come up in conversation. I honestly don’t know how people communicated pre-text, I legit think I’d have to carry around a pad of paper to write down all the things I wanted to tell the people I loved. I literally spend my entire days texting Carly, Laura, Sacha, and Elizabeth. And it makes my days so much brighter.

4) I’m loving Gabby’s sound advice and Kundalini meditation for irrationality.

5) Finding an amazing hair stylist. Diane is so talented & passionate about her job. Check out her eco-friendly salon, blog and her inspiring Instagram page.


6) This cool cup my mom got me. Makes me feel like I’m four with a sippy cup and it’s great.

7) This video from Free People. So romantic & heart melting. I am mush now.

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