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Gratitude for Today | My Gratitude Daily Practice {part 1}


It’s been much too long since I posted a Gratitude for Today post, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been being grateful. Gratitude is the key to happiness and incorporating it into my daily practice has drastically altered my life.

This is how I’ve applied gratitude into my life daily: I keep an evening gratitude journal.

It’s way simple, just before I go to sleep I jot down 5 things I’m grateful for that day, in that moment.

Couple things:

1) They are different every night.

2) They are the first 5 things that pop into my mind.

3) Sometimes they are serious things like people or silly things like a new candle or sometimes they are things that happened that day that were near misses or went well, like not getting a parking ticket even though I had no change in the meter, etc.

I’ve fallen in love with this routine & actually look forward to it in the evenings. The energy from this exercise is a great way to drift off, much healthier than contemplating what’s on your to-do list tomorrow or replaying on repeat in your mind the things that went wrong today or falling asleep to the news or tv. As Gabby say here, Mad Men is great, but if you watch it right before bed you’ll dream that you’re Don Draper all night (what a nightmare).


You could make this practice part of your morning routine as well. For me,  I’ve just got so much in on my morning routine this can it lost in the shuffle, between oil pulling, meditating, yoga, lemon water..oh my that’s a lot…no wonder I let my routine’s overwhelm me.

Here’s the thing when it comes to practices, you have to enjoy them or you won’t do them. So find a way to make it fun and fall in love with it like I did whatever that means for you. I have one more part to my gratitude practice that I will share with you next week, so stay tuned.

I’ll make a commitment to share my 5 things with Wonderland at least once a week. Share your five things in the comments below!

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