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Gratitude for Today | things I can’t get enough of this week

1. The book I can’t put down: Kimberly Snyder’s newest book Beauty Detox Foods.

2. The products I’m loving trying: Four Sigma Foods. This amazing company has so many cool super foods and such. Check them out, especially because they’re offering YOU, The Wellness Wonderland readers, 5€ off (about $6.50) off on all Instants by using the code “wellnesswonderland” from now until May 19!

3. The thing that made me smile: A post card from San Francisco from my friend Vegan Laura who just moved there. Seriously made my day when I saw it in my mailbox. I love snail mail so much.

4. The yoga I can’t stop practicing: Kundalini! Here’s the meditation for prosperity I did this weekend after about 3 and half hours of yoga meditations and postures with my new guru Bonnie who studied with Yogi Bhajan before he died.

5. Our new show Two Peas in a Pod, just getting started but it’s going to be rad!

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