Happy Easter weary ones! - Katie Dalebout

Happy Easter weary ones!

Good morning weary ones I hope your heads are donned with bonnets by now, but in case you’re not yet celebrating here are some Easter Sunday themed weekend web meanderings for you. Have a colorful day! Love you!


Look at these cute DIY paper carrots, would be cute to make in a classroom.

{via ohhappyday}

Adorable Easter cards!

Be a good Egg!

 Fashionable Easter eggs!

A grown up/ less messy version of decorating eggs…Look how pretty they are!

{a daily something}

Buy the ribbon and twine for these at this, cute etsy shop called Knot & Bow! I love their name as much as their stickers!

Speaking of Etsy, bracelets from Etsy shops like this one would be perfect for Easter baskets!

And how about this classy Easter candy for the Easter baskets? Or would you rather have just some good old Peeps? If so here’s a recipe for homemade peeps! (You’re welcome Aunt Marcy, I’m sorry everyone else.)

Would your perfect Easter include an underwater Easter egg hunt, how cool would that be? Mine sure would!

What to do with left over all the leftover eggs! Eat them!

and if there are still leftover eggs use this helpful NYT egg combining infographic 

Amy Atlas Easter Spring Critters guest feature! and an Easter Luncheon dessert guest feature!  

Lastly two Easter cupcake ideas! 1. Coconut nest cupcakes! 2. Cupcake stuffed of Easter eggs (both way too advanced for me!)



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