HAPPY Holidays workshop REMIX: Putting the GOOD in the Bad Days - Katie Dalebout

HAPPY Holidays workshop REMIX: Putting the GOOD in the Bad Days


Sometimes the advice you need is literally right in front of you. This Yogi Bhajan quote was staring at me last night while I battled with technology.

It may seem like it’s always rainbows & butterflies in Wonderland and that’s the atmosphere I’ve wanted to create. I want this corner of the internet to be a place for you to come and feel happy, inspired, grateful, and yes well. However, what I really want to promote here is extreme authenticity. As the mayor of Wonderland I committed to be honest with you in every post, podcast, and video bleeding in my authentic truth because I know a little secret…


That’s what I’ve done, I’ve been so real here and Daring Greatly has given me the greatest gift I could have ever imagined: YOU, the Wellness Wonderland community. The people who get my emails, leave comments, like every Facebook post I put out, retweet my inspirational tweets, hang out with me on Instagram or comment on my video and listen to my podcast every week. You know who you are and I am so incredibly grateful for you. It is because of you that I wanted to do my workshop last night and it is because of you that I was so deeply sad the live-steam video didn’t work and it is because of you & your kind comments that I’m coming out of this.

In the spirit of vulnerability, last night I felt embarrassed, weak, and genuinely sad that I couldn’t give you my tools for being HAPPY during the holidays. However, I shifted those feelings by using my tools for when things don’t go my way. & now is my chance to share them with you.

TOOL ONE: So I said a whole lot of the following affirmation… It’s a great one, post it it, memorize it, print it, and just use it anytime a situation isn’t playing out like you thought it would. This affirmation comes in and calms you down so the Universe can take over and provide you the solution you won’t be able to see in the moment.


Tool two: I kept asking what am I supposed to learn from this situation. Not simply how YouTube works, but why did this happen? I got a very clear answer: I needed to slow down. I was moving too fast, working so hard, pushing to get so much done, I needed to sit back a bit (so of course this video pops up into my YouTube feed in divine timing).


Tool Three: Gratitude. I got my gratitude on big time last night. By focusing on what I do have and the things that went right in my day it creates more of that energy – going to sleep with thoughts of gratitude rather than chaotic thoughts of things that didn’t go well. So I got out my little gratitude journal and wrote down 3 things that went well that day; that way that day isn’t merely (in Friends episode terms) “The One Where The Livestream Video Didn’t Work”.


Here’s the thing, situations like this are the biggest opportunity for spiritual growth and personal development. Look,  I can meditate in Wonderland by myself all day, but real enlightenment comes with how I react in those moments where things aren’t perfect & life isn’t sunshine wonderland. That’s what I realized late last night, it’s about finding the Wonderland even in those moments. Using those tools I preach here in my own life when things don’t go my way (AKA the live video only lets 10 people on at a time & kicks us all off during my first live online event) or your brakes go out, or you slip on the ice.

Bottom Line: Last night I thought I was going to GIVE to you, but instead YOU gave to me! Thank you for all the nice comments, tweets, emails, and messages. I needed them. 

Also, I’m not leaving you hanging for the HOLIDAYS. Look for the video of this workshop in your inbox THIS WEEK.

I’m grateful that so many of you were ready in your jammies, with your worksheets, & notebook ready learn (& you still will, I’m going to be giving you a kick-ass video extravaganza to watch tomorrow and hey if you watch it right after I put it out it’s pretty much live just consider it an hour delay). And Friday night join my dear friend Heather for a LIVE workshop specifically targeting creating a happier FOOD experience over the holidays.

I had a bast teaching this workshop at my yoga studio & I’m determined to teach it to YOU too!


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