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How TV can be meditation | part 2…


Previously on the Wellness Wonderland: (I thought it was fitting to write this post in the spirit of a TV episode.)

I wasn’t allowing myself mindless TV, always feeling like I should be doing something else like meditating, reading, learning, working, writing, calling friends or family etc. Then I realized I actually needed TV to make my work and creative projects better, and to be there for my friends and family as my best self.

So there I was, all set up on Netflix, a sea of television madness. Almost every show I could possibly want to watch in one little red place. It was daunting at first, with me thinking I could really get lost in here for hours, even days. I felt like I was opening Pandora’s box. I didn’t trust myself to only one episode and I thought if I started watching one each cliff hanger would draw me into another and sooner or later I would have no job, friends, or creative projects because all I would do was watch television. Then I came back to earth and realized like anything else that is a choice I make and sometimes at the end of my day I actually NEED an episode (or two) of Felicity.


I knew it felt good, relaxing and just getting lost in the show. But I still had this intense feeling of guilt. Guilt that I should be doing something else, something creative – meditating, cleaning, calling, learning, you name it. It wasn’t until I spoke with my version of Sally (if you watch felicity you’ll know what I mean), Elizabeth, who gave me amazing advice. My Sally said: Felicity isnt taking you away from your spiritual practice, it is part of your spiritual practice.


It was like a light bulb went off when I heard that, and it finally felt okay. I was so worried TV would take me away from my work, when in fact TV was helping my work not seem like work. When meditating or reading or even blogging aren’t sounding good, instead of forcing myself to do it when I was uninspired I wanted to give myself another activity and wait for the inspiration to return. That’s the part that can be a bit scary for me, that waiting part. My mind thinks, if I don’t try now I will I ever feel inspired again…

But inspiration comes in waves, and and forcing never helps anything. Trusting & waiting for the moment is key.

Enjoy your mindless TV!

What is your favorite TV show of all time?

One thought on “How TV can be meditation | part 2…

  1. Great post, Katie!! My FAVORITE TV show of all time is Columbo–it’s an older one 😉 SVU follows it by a very close second.

    Some truly “mindless” shows I love watching, though, are King of Queens and Parks and Recreation.

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