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Introducing Katie WONDERS

unnamed-1So, I love podcasts. I’ve hosted mine since 2013 when way less people even knew what podcasts were. I hardly did.But I knew I liked them and that they randomly found their way onto my original iPhone just in time to guide me through many crucial moments in my like, making me feel less alone.

I was recently asked which podcast was the first one I listened to that pulled me in. I honestly can’t remember, all I know that in the last 4 years podcasts have massively improved my tendency toward loneliness. The hosts become my copilots on my long drives, partners on my walks, and they are in my ears during mindless work tasks.

Comedian and podcast host Pete Holmes has spent thousands of hours speaking to my empty apartment while I’m washing dishes, folding my laundry, or getting ready in the morning. With podcasts, I can have Elizabeth Gilbert give me writing advice, self-help’s finest guide me through breakups, the best entrepreneurs whisper their best kept business secrets right into my ears, and the world’s best comedians telling me jokes.

It might sounds a tad dramatic, but only a tad, I don’t know where I’d be without this cast of audio characters keeping me company and helping me to feel less alone.

I’m so happy to be even a small part of that with my podcast, the Wellness Wonderland Radio and now I want to expand that into something new.

When I started my podcast, I was still heavily in my disordered relationship with food and my body. While I still don’t claim to be entirely healed all the time BUT I’m in a much better place than I was then and I credit that largely to diversifying my interests, hobbies, and yes, podcasts.

Back then I was exclusively listening to health and wellness based pods, soon this expanded to include self-help and spirituality, then entrepreneurship and business…anything to better myself but nothing just for fun. Now my podcast subscriptions are as diverse as my repertoire of tools to heal my melancholy tendency. In the past I’d turn to food or restricting // controlling food to numb myself. Now I turn to a plethora of other things including movies, music, learning the ukulele, and most regularly: comedy podcasts.

unnamedI now know where to head when I’m feeling down, I just turn something on my phone. I know it’s a bold claim to credit podcasts with impacting me so deeply and they for sure aren’t the only thing that has contributed to my improved mental wellness (I journal like mad woman, have many coaches and therapists too) but I will say using podcasts as one of my coping mechanisms has been extremely helpful.

So that’s why I’m starting another one or rather expanding my current podcast to give me the platform to express myself in an even more personal way. This will pull me out of the host role and into the spotlight a bit more. While WWRadio is largely about the guest with brief moments of my story sprinkled in organically, I try my best to keep the focus on the guest. 

I’m a genuinely curious person full of genuine wonder so it’s fitting I’m adding a bit more me and calling these episodes, “Katie WONDERSThese will often be Mini-episodes yet sometimes super long where I discuss the full spectrum of wellness I Wonder about. In these episodes, I will discuss everything from music to film to art tounnamed-3 current events to heath to friends (both the TV show and the ones I can speak to) to youtube videos to style. The only common thread:: me, it must inspire me.

Sometimes I’ll bring on co-hosts which will likely be real life non-internet-exclusive friends I’ll get to introduce you to.  I will share everything from life updates to my monthly favorites. I’ll use this as an opportunity to discuss content I’m reading, watching or current events and culture that fascinates me. It will likely be light and in the same tone as my other show but perhaps a bit more personal, perhaps at times more deep and at other times more shallow giving me a space to gush about my love of Taylor Swift and small adorable dogs.

Is the “wellness” to my Wonder [land] going away? No. Never. It can’t. It’s a part of me now and always will be. I may have originally gotten into wellness for the wrong reasons (manipulating my body size // weight through restricting my diet) but now my interest in healthy eating and holistic living remains, just my motivation has changed. I still love drinking green smoothies, splurging on natural skin care, and personal growth courses, so it will always be an important part of the mix.  

In these “Katie WONDERS”  episodes, wellness as we traditionally think of it might not be the entire focus. I’ve realized that life is more than how clean your eats are or how toned your body is, how much sleep you get or how clear your skin is. Life is about living and that means finding pleasure in your food, staying up late for deep conversations or drinking wine and dancing. A life devoid of that stuff isn’t a Wellness Wonderland at all… rather it’s a Wellness Prison. Limiting you from fully LIVING in the name of living long? Um seems stilly, I’m not saying ‘live fast and die young,’ but I’m saving find balance and tend to your mental and physical wellness equally.


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#KatieWONDERS about … to be continued…

13 thoughts on “Introducing Katie WONDERS

  1. Oh my God! I am SO excited to download the first episode! Good luck with this new podcast, it is such a pleasure (so inspiring!) to watch you grow and develop and expand your presence online. Can’t wait!! xx

  2. Love this, Katie!! I’m so excited for these new episodes. This blog is totally on point–wellness and living the best life is so much bigger than just food, exercise, meditation, and spirituality. Keep rockin’ & sharing with us!! Xo

  3. Yay yay yay I’m so excited for this! I feel the exact same way in that YOUR podcast has enhanced my life tremendously. Now I’m lucky enough to have my favorite pod host speak directly to me as well 🙂 Super proud of you/happy for you and can’t wait for the first Katie Wonders episode. Xo

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