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July Meanderings.




New month means Monthly Meanderings in Wonderland which are things that have genuinely inspired me around the web. They are live below and ready to be explored. Comment below what is inspiring you around the internet lately. I’ll have a new monthly Favorites // Gratitudes video for you later this week. Until then, enjoy the rest of the internet. Until I see you again here keep in touch with me on Facebook & Instagram (above are some Insta-glimpses into my past month). I’m still loving Snapchat now so join me there. Oh and I’m hosting a masterclass about how to find mentors with my friend Anita, RSVP here if you want to come.

This podcast episode with two of my favs Rob Bell and Elizabeth Gilbert changed legit everything for me when I heard it. 

-Do we need better birth control? Ricki Lake+Abby Epstein are asking the big questions. Support their new doc it is so awesome and important. 

Want to see my trip to Tampa? No problem my friend Alex Beadon is a master vlogger and documented it in vivid detail. 

Mara Hoffman yoga mat.

-I’m obsessed with Frances Ha and you should watch it ASAP if you haven’t already. I love Greta Gerwig & Tavi so much. This interview was rad. 

This film touched me so. You should take a half-hour to become aware of this disease. It will instantly increase gratitude.

She woke up like this. A beautiful photo essay, reminds me of my signature question on WWRadio of what peoples morning routines are. I would love to create these with my interviews, someday.

Love this interview with Kyle Gray and Jordan Bach about Angels. 

Loved this TED talk. 

So happy this movie is being made. 

Future office inspiration. 

Amazing article and interview about body image, fitness, and GIRLS with Jemima Kirke…like seriously so good. 

Tavi is everything. 

Kale granola. 

A beautiful blog post from someone I went to college with about breakups that made me laugh, cry, and feel. 

Kathryn Budig’s talk on body image and being a “real woman” is so amazing. You must drop everything & watch immediately. It’s that good. 

How fun does Soul Camp look? Sleep-away camp for adults. FUN!  Use the discount code “WONDERLAND” for 20% off!

-Two of my favorite WWRadio guests jammed on the Food Psych Podcast this month and it was one of my favorite episodes of a podcast ever. Listen here. 

This is amazing. 

Fascinating article from Elizabeth Gilbert in the NY Times.

-Speaking of my girl Liz, How’s the reading going for book club guys? Ready for our discussion on Tuesday? Any feedback on what you’d like to discuss? I want it to be a really chill conversation so I’m not going to be preparing much I rather just see what comes up.


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  1. Hi Katie! Seriously LOVE the meanderings this month! Kathryn Budig’s talk at Revitalize is one of my absolute favorites! Thanks for posting:)! xo Jess

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