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Listen to Records for Your Health


We’ve talked about music & it’s massive power a few times before in Wonderland, but today I want to talk specifically about records. I’ve lately gotten really into listening to records – my boyfriend Adam has always been really into searching for, collecting, listening, and dancing to records. While I thought it was cool, until my aunt gave me an awesome old record player of my own I did not fully understand the appeal of the hobby. Now I adore everything about it, from foraging in record stores with adam on the weekends, to the sound when I need to flip the record, to the fact that it forces me to get out of my chair and move while I’m working at my desk, I love it all.

Here are more of my thoughts on my love of records:

While wellness is clearly my passion, it’s important for us all for have non-health & wellness centered activities taking up space in our minds. Perhaps it is watching a favorite TV show or going to the movies or listening to music. Entertainment is part of health and nurturing your mind. It’s easy to forget that and get caught up in learning, researching, and reading, at least for me. So this week my friend gave me the challenge to not read any health related info. This cleanse was tough, but so needed. I was able to focus on other things and figure out what I really like. I encourage you to try it this week, get to know yourself and what you enjoy.

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