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Massive MARCH Meanderings.


New week, new month, new Monthly Meanderings. A long tradition in WW-Land meanderings are links to things that have inspired me around the web this past month. Until next time keep in touch on Facebook & Instagram . Tons of new pod episodes coming this month until then explore the archive. I’m especially excited this week that my book is coming out in 1 WEEK!!! 

Here’s the link to my book + all the cool bonuses you can get when you preorder!

Places I’ll be… 

-April 5th- Come to my LIVE podcast episode I’m co-hosting with Christy Harrison the host of the Food Psych podcast. Get your tickets here!

-On April 6th- Come to my NYC BOOK Launch party hosted by Gabby Bernstein and Jordan Bach. RSVP

-Check out my friend’s one-woman show Crazy, Skinny, Small about her experience with an eating disorder. I’ll be at the show on April 7th and part of the talk-back after the show.

For your ears…

-The latest podcast I was on this month. Such a fun convo.

-Loved the Call Your Girlfriend Live podcast episode especially because Virgie Tovar was a guest dropping knowledge on how to survive diet culture!

– Last week’s Nerdette pod was rad they talked with the incisive Rebecca Traister, author of All The Single Ladies.  about how single women have been at the center of all sorts of progressive movements and the abundance of single ladies in pop culture.

Here’s another cool summit I’m a part of this month! It’s an abundance summit!

Really loved last week’s podcast with Jason Wachob. 

Videos I loved… 

-Loved this TED talk about conversation.

-Also, loved this one about connection and ‘being alone together’ and overly connected.

-Gosh I watch a bunch of TED talks this month. this one was the best of all.

-Amazing video from future pod guest Melissa! 

Loved this from soon to be WWRadio guest Beth Stelling. 

-I really liked this video which is really about mentoring and networking with powerful and influential people. I first watched it years ago and just re-watched.

-Here’s my convo with my friend Heather!! 

Things I read I loved… 

-What happened when my friend Davida (the Healthy Maven) stopped exercising for a couple months. 

-Molly Sims on Body Image. 

Comfortable shoes. 

-Really good post from Caroline Dooner. 

-Why Algebra II must go and it’s not just me saying that because I hate math.

How we learn to eat podcast. 

Pretty bathroom renovation. 

LOVED this article from future podcast guest. 

Cool random things I liked…

-How cool are these plant pots?

unspecified-One of my fav podcast guests KOOSHOO are launching their newest product yet here’s the link to their teaser. Please check it out it is amazing!!!

I’m in love with this. I can’t remember if I already shared it last month but whatever it was so good I don’t even care I’m sharing it again.

-My friend made a Flower House in Detroit & now there’s a book of it in case you missed it!

-RSVP to my friend Simi’s 90s themed birthday party! 

Image above via my girls at Urban Alchemy.  


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