11000498_687085774730509_5284657544916945417_n 11021101_685246101581143_8764613566694069081_n 11034276_686098528162567_9216543206742759695_n 10984142_682072878565132_1218095402177839883_n 11015474_684823614956725_1785366306241383605_n 1901265_681356848636735_8023709285999241978_nMarch is here WW-land. I sure hope that means spring will be here soon too. This month in honor of Eating Disorder Awareness week I want to highlight this post, the most honest post I’d ever written. Please send it to anyone you think needs to hear the message.  Without further ado below are my meanderings of the internet over the past month & above are some Insta-glimpses into my past week or so. Enjoy exploring.  Keep in touch with me on Facebook & INSTAGRAM (my favorite places to hang) until we meet back here in WW-land next week (or sooner).

Guys, here’s a song for while you meander…listen to a track Taylor Swift wrote especially for Wonderland! What? omg. Thanks T. 

How the ideal body type as changed throughout history, fascinating. 

Did you see my video I made about my huge pimple and how I naturally healed it? It was a funny one. 

Radically awesome post about our society by one of my favorite people. 

Beautiful tribute to one of my main inspirations for the Wellness Wonderland, The Wellness Warrior Jess. We lost her physical body this week, however her spirit and book will live on. I will forever be grateful for her light.

-I am so inspired by both of them. Alexi Wasser​ is hilarious & Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal​ advice on dating was spot on. Watch this video. 

Love this post. 

So amazing, I love this remix of fitspo 

Your brain on love. 

A recent interview of mine about MUSIC. 

Songs for the month. 

Cool new doc 

The main problem with intuitive eating to watch out for. 

-Amazing article about the intersection of spirituality and food. 

How had I not seen Tony Robbin’s Ted talk until now? 

Listen to my interview in this summit! 

My friend Maddy wrote a book on perfectionism check it out. 

-I’m obsessed with this since I love whales so much and hate loneliness just as much. 

-Want to hear me in the hot seat? Waking Up in Wonder interviewed me! Read it here! 

-Taylor Swift is living my childhood dream. Living in NYC, famous singer, and dated John Mayor & a Kennedy before she was 30. Let her Welcome you to NYC! 

-So no playlist for you this week because I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s 1989 on vinyl in my apartment all week so here’s one of my fav tracks.What’s yours?

+ more instas below for your viewing pleasure.



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