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May Meanderings.

11174815_716961878409565_1435156734253458993_nNew month means Monthly Meanderings in Wonderland. If you’re new to WW-land, Monthly Meanderings are things th10985868_716032448502508_7465497866190952848_nat have genuinely inspired or intrigued me around the web over the past month. Comment below what is inspiring you around the internet lately. Have an fun meandering  the internet until I see you back here for a new post. Until then keep in touch with me on Facebook & Instagram (above are some Insta-glimpses into my past week or so) until we meet back here in WW-land next week (or sooner).

-Have you gotten the quick start guide to WWLand yet? If you like Monthly Meanderings your LOVE this, trust me.

-Did you listen to the most recent WWRadio episode with Stefani Ruper? It was one of my favs yet.
New episode coming to you in a week or two but for now here’s the archive to re-listen to your fav episodes or catch up.

-My thoughts on TV as a spiritual practice.  (part 2)

An article my favorite author Dani Shapiro wrote that I love.  This line I mean…
“The gratification we memoirists do experience is infinitely deeper and more bittersweet. It is the complicated, abiding pleasure, to paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, of finding the universal thread that connects us to the rest of humanity, and, by doing so, turns our small, personal sorrows and individual tragedies into art.”

-My friend and one of my favorite podcast guests Julie Piatt and her husband Rich Roll’s new cookbook came out and I’m loving it so much. I just love them.

-My friend Laura sent this to me. “..keeping a journal is important, even if you’re not a writer.” yep.

Article I enjoyed about goal setting. You’ll probs like it too.

My work day hacks to stay high vibing throughout the work day. 

The man behind Big Bird is 81 and this NPR story my friend Sacha sent me is amazing. 

“Nothing any good isn’t hard,” F. Scott Fitzgerald asserted in his letter of advice on writing to his fifteen-year-old daughter upon her enrollment in high school. Read this article where another one of my favorite authors shares about writing.

Why intuitive eating is complicated, here’s how to do it right.

Another really great article from Isabel about emotional eating. 

Moral Bucket List, great article one of my students sent me.

My weekend with Simi in the form of a blog post!

Dig deep and fly higher with my buddy Heather! 

-Hehehe! This was funny!

What to do when you’re “feeling fat”? aka having a bad body image day. Read this.

Favorite interview with Lena Dunham 

One of the funniest graduation speeches ever. So great.

This message is beautiful from my idol Elizabeth Gilbert (video quality, not great, message awesome).

This quote from Elizabeth Gilbert’s husband is everything. So romantic and perfect.

-Last but not least I’m hosting this rad sleepover with my friend Elle! Sign up and come!

I’m really into my Friend Jordan Bach‘s playlist this month so listen to this while you meander today and who knows you might just want to stand up and dance. Listen here.

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