Memorial Monday Meanderings! - Katie Dalebout

Memorial Monday Meanderings!

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Hope you’re having a great holiday weekend, I am as seen above.  Many great posts coming at you here in Wonderland including a brand  new episode of WWRadio, but until then above are some Insta-glimpses into my Memorial weekend so far & below are some of  my meanderings of the best of the  internet over the last week. Enjoy exploring and I’ll see you Wednesday for a new Podcast, until then stay living in yourWellness Wonderland until I see you back here in mine.

Listen while you web surf 

How to eat like a naturally thin person! 

10 Tips On How To Banish The Busy 

Why I Step on Sharp Spikes 

One of my favorite WWRadio conversations yet!! so inspirational.

Women in Famous Paintings Get Photoshopped 

-Body image movie that needs to be made

Thoughts have power. But you have power over your thoughts.

Rapper Shirts for white people!

-Jessica Ortner’s new book is amazing and I love her! Listen to one of my  first episodes of my podcast with her!

-Robyn has your Roadmap to Wonderland, the Rockstar Roadmap & it’s the most awesome program I’ve ever seen in my life. She’s not only one of my very first ever WWRadio guests, but also a guru when it comes to living Wellness Wonderland when you don’t have an abundance of time.

-3 reasons why Cold Showers are Hot 

Have you subscribed to theWellnessWonderland on YouTube yet? Whatcha waiting for??

61 Inspirational Seconds 

A playlist just for you!

2 thoughts on “Memorial Monday Meanderings!

  1. (1) I cannot wait to try The Spoonk Mat
    (2) LOVE the XX covering Florence – gahhhhhhh! (can they collaborate for reals??)
    (3) Playlist – on & up next!
    (4) thank you for including me in the meanderings!


    1. i love you and of course! I may be the biggest xx fan on the planet, it is silly!

      oh course I love you! xxoo

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