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Monday Meanderings


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Happy Monday, hope you had a great weekend. What did you do? I had a picnic, did some yoga, got my 37 Vibrations bottle and saw the third installment of this movie at my favorite movie theater. Great week of blogging coming your way, but as always until then enjoy meandering the rest of the wonderful internet.

I just love One Lucky Duck and Sarma so much! 

 Family members who look alike…woah!

Cute, best friend phone cases! Who wants to get these with me? For real, let me know!

So excited about Salad Fest 2013! 

Need to cool down? Try this slushie!

Check out my friend’s beautiful new site! 

Mara Hoffman is just so cool 

10 ways to make your instagram photos pop

I would wait in line for a Amma hug, would you?

Happy moments 

Shit yoga teachers say funny!

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