{belated} monday meanderings & holiday meanderings - Katie Dalebout

{belated} monday meanderings & holiday meanderings

{photos via Sous Style}

I love this blog, but especially this article on the green goddess herself, Kimberly Snyder…we get to see the inside of her kitchen & man does she know how to use a Vitamix…dang girl…

Speaking of… check out  Kimberly Snyder‘s video talking about thinking about breath all the time!…not just when running, meditating, or doing yoga….

& her most recent blog post on beating the winter blues!

…and speaking of helpful healthy info, check out the top 5 tips to stay healthy this season on Make your Mark by guess who?

What if these iconic photos were selfies? haha

Are you Curious George on what the healthiest airports are? Well look no further (I was!)

My favorite film director’s love story: the hollywood princess & the rockstar! 

Article published last week on MSU basketball & specifically my grandpa (Gus Ganakas). I’m so proud of him!

This was great! Did you see this Super Soul Sunday episode extravaganza?

Combine your passions? Or choose just one? Great advice from Marie Forleo, her video on this was really great advice for me!

Bamboo mouse & keyboard! cool!


Healthier ginger bread houses.

Check out this vegan Christmas spread! I want to deck halls with them!

Hardcore wrapping.

A nice December playlist.

Deck the Halls…at least of your home!

Very pretty holiday cards.

Brownstone ginger bread home!

YUM…butternut squash & cranberry cookies!

Loved this healthy holiday party video!

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