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New Week New Meanderings

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Happy Monday! How was your Easter weekend? I spent the weekend chilling with my family.  Many great  posts coming to you from Wonderland this week including a brand new episode of WWRadio, but until then above are some Insta-glimpses into my  weekend & below are my meanderings of the rest of the inspiring internet over the past week.

-A Jam for your week, I love me some Lorde. 

My latest recipe on The Beauty Bean! 

-My latest video how to grow long lashes naturally 

-Podcast episode 041 was with Joe Cross and it was a hit! Check it out! 

-The why behind coloring Easter eggs!

Yummy Toffee latte recipe from Culinary Karma! 

-Lavender Sugar-Free Cookies I made this weekend with my fam! (photo above!)

-Sugar-free hot cross buns! yum! 

Two of my fav Gurus together! Omg, I can’t handle how much I love this post about it!

Did you see my Q & A video? I answer the question ‘How to know which diet is right for you?’ in a video this week! 

I got yellow & it is SO spot on! what’s your color? fun quiz for a rainy day! 

How to grow long lashes naturally!  A super quick video!

One of my favorite blog posts I’ve ever written! 

-Gabby’s Meditation to prevent freaking out. 

-Did you guys hear my very special edition of #WWRadio episode 040 with Gabrielle Bernstein?

-How to stay healthy while traveling! 

& last but not least I’m loving Spotify! Follow me! & here’s a playlist I made…. Songs I loved At some point and then got sick of and now I’m into again…

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