November is very here and so here are my Monthly Meanderings. A long tradition in WW-Land meanderings are links to things that have genuinely inspired me around the web this month.  Until next month keep in touch with me on Facebook & Instagram (above are some Insta-glimpses into my past month). I’m still loving Snapchat now so join me there too. Oh and tons of new pod episodes coming this month.

First of all- BIG NEWS:: I’m hosting a group coaching 3 week course all about putting the HAPPY back into the holidays where I’ll cover topics ranging from food, family, and finances & even will have 3 guest speakers! Find out who the guests are + sign up if it sounds fun here


Last week’s episode of the podcast was Katie WONDERS No. 002 with my monthly favorites // gratitudes for October. Check it out if you haven’t already.  + –Join the podcast listener group on FB! 

I was on Summer Innanen’s podcast last week, check it out here!

I was also a guest on the Finding My Hunger Podcast if you want to listen to that too!

Um Lena Dunham has a podcast. omg.  

Also, all the BuzzFeed podcasts are really good, I especially love this one about TV, Rerun 


I wrote an essay on Refinery 29 you should totes check it out! 

How to know if you’re eating the right amount.

I didn’t write this but I easily could have since I am still madly in love with Seth Cohen & will be for life.

Check out how awesome my friend Lisa is!  on Martha too! 

I loved this one on Style Like U and related to it so much. 

An article on downtown Detroit I read.  

I’m sure you’re all already reading Lenny but just in case… 


This. is a new social media where you can only post one link per day. It’s really cool because you’re only able to post something really good. Check it out. You should all join!

Check out my friend abbey’s sweet shop Amiga!  I want everything and bought most everything. (she is also my photographer & took the photo of me above + my book cover photo & every other one I’ve taken)

You guys all know I’m really into journaling right? Anyways I was on this awesome podcast this week and the interviewer told me about this cool site to type your morning pages called it’s way cool. 

My friend Maddy’s new body image course. 

oh yeah and duh my holiday group coaching course. it’s going to be way fun!


Warm frothy hemp milk by health coach Quinn!  who we love. so much.

+ one more thing TO LISTEN to:: my playlist of the moment that I’ll continue adding to throughout the month if you want to jam with me.


  1. wow wow wow – so many good reads for this months meanderings. I LOVE your article for Refinery 29 – its so inspiring and when i read it I hear your voice so clearly speaking your raw, authentic truth.

    so much love to you beautiful soul <3

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