069 | Alicia Overton, Holistic Skincare is Good Medicine - Katie Dalebout

069 | Alicia Overton, Holistic Skincare is Good Medicine

unnamed-1Alicia Overton is one of the coolest women I’ve met and I’m so happy to connect with her, wow. She started what is now called Good Medicine Beauty Lab with an inspired idea to bring conscious, fresh, enlivened skin care products to women and men looking for a healthy alternative to chemicals, dyes and synthetic ingredients. When this episode was recorded we called the skincare line Imbibe which was a private label of the original brand “Good Medicine” which is now available to the public for the first time. It’s been used exclusively in spas for over 20 years. To check them out use the code: “wonderland” for 15% off. They believe that what your put on your skin is as important as what you put into your mouth. As I’ve shared on the blog, I’ve struggled with my skin a lot over the years and 3 years ago when I was really struggling again I decided I didn’t want to go back on a pill to clear it but rather use the holistic remedies I desperately wanted to work. I became a seeker on a journey to discover something that would work for me, it look a long time but eventually found making my own oil based products worked for my skin, but I missed the girly spa-like quality to trying new beauty products–then I found them this year. And basically the rest is history. I’m obsessed, so much so I had to have the brains behind the brand on my podcast. You’ll love Alicia as much as I do.