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070 | StyleLikeU

Lily Mandelbaum and ElisaGoodkind are some of coolest women I’ve ever met and they’ve changed my perspective of style for the better and forever.They started StyleLikeU by blending their unique strengths and experiences to create my favorite website on the internet right now & favorite web series  What’s Underneath & SOON their full length documentary filmStyleLikeU is a multimedia platform that honors individuals with authentic personal style. Elisa and Lily decided to combat fashion’s top-down ideology that you need to be “on trend” in order to be “in fashion” and that you need to change yourself physically in order to be beautiful. Together they are reconstructing fashion by highlighting genuine individuals who, as a collective, embody a culture where people are honored for their differences and connected through personal, universal truths. With each post, Elisa and Lily they are extremely aspirational and inclusive, proving that fashion is a symbol of consciousness and confidence. They are changing people’s perception of fashion including my own by showing the world that true fashion can’t be reduced to a trend, price tag, or air-brushed photograph. True fashion is the foundation for one’s identity.