073 | Alisa Vitti Women's Health, Hormones, & Femininity - Katie Dalebout

073 | Alisa Vitti Women’s Health, Hormones, & Femininity

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“Knowing the wisdom of your body can change your life.”

“Harness the power of your hormones.”

“As we grow up we have to be our own mothers.” 

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Today’s guest was on her way to becoming an OB/GYN, but then her body had different plans…this set her on a quest that led her to not only discover highly-effective, drug-free alternative treatments, but eventually led her away from traditional medicine and into the world of functional medicine and nutrition. She’s since built a powerhouse business helping women reclaim control over their bodies and lives as the founder and CEO of FLO Living, an online wellness center for women and written the new book, WomanCode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source today’s conversation is enlightening and fascinating. We cover so much ground when it comes to women’s health. I ask her about common period problems like lacking your period, heavy periods, bad PMS, and even infertility. We discuss harnessing your feminine power by embracing your natural cycles in life, love, and even business. I ask her all the standard fun questions too so I know you’ll love this week’s episode.