080 | Jess Murnane on Motherhood, Using Food to Heal, & Passion in Career - Katie Dalebout

080 | Jess Murnane on Motherhood, Using Food to Heal, & Passion in Career

Jess Murnane

I just finished listening through this week’s episode and remembered how much I love Jess Murnane! I’m a fan girl of hers now more than ever. Like I say in the intro, she is one of the most authentic, cool, and kind people I’ve met on the internet. She’s also a boss lady with a book in the works (yes  the book deal she was heading to publishers meetings about when we recorded this), an adorable baby, and an amazing story with food, health, and business. She inspires me so much and I basically just want to be her best friend. I’m so glad we met through our podcasts. She hosts an amazing podcast One Part Plant herself and she even hosted me a couple month back here’s the link to that. Clearly, she is super awesome so I know you’ll love the eclectic topics we discuss. We talk a lot about adoption, both the process and the emotions behind her choice to start her family and decision to adopt her son. She was super transparent, answering all the questions I had. I was so moved by her story that it brought both of us to tears (the happy ones). We got into her journey into entrepreneurship, how she was able to genuinely share her passions, and eventually make those her profession. She’s also plant based cheerleader and used food to heal herself so we got into that a bit too. It’s just a hella good episode so go listen to it already! You’ll for sure love her as much as I do.