091 | Abbey Moore on Photography, Friendship, Travel, Body Image, and Moore. - Katie Dalebout

091 | Abbey Moore on Photography, Friendship, Travel, Body Image, and Moore.

12729060_10153985190207437_4541753151295243343_nI love hosting this podcast so much for so many reasons. One of the main ones is that I get to meet tons of cool people and have long conversations with them uninterrupted by technology or distractions. Today’s episode is a bit different, I’m not meeting someone new, rather I’m interviewing an old friend, the amazing Abbey Moore of Abbey Moore Photography and the new Amiga Shop. Abbey is one of my best friends (also the person who takes all my photos) so this conversation is a bit different than all the other conversations I’ve had on the podcast with people I’m getting to know for the first time live on the podcast. It was such a cool experience to be able to talk to Abbey in this setting free from distractions, completely present with her and able to ask her anything I wanted to know. I got to drive the conversation because I knew all of you guys were listening and had free range to ask her anything I was curious about. I know you’ll love Abbey as much as I do after this episode. She’s seriously one of the coolest people I know so I’m psyched to share her with you. She’s a massive girl boss so we get into how she started her career as an entrepreneur, her tips on photography, her personal body image struggles, her relationship advice and even touch on friendship and nostalgia. It is my favorite episode of the year and I hope you enjoy it too. Oh & she also started a rad shop The Amiga Shop & she’s giving us 10% off with the code “wellnesswonderland” so check that out (I have everything, literally).