093 | Jordan Bach Returns - Katie Dalebout

093 | Jordan Bach Returns

10685413_604322126340208_1232365377782927392_nOver almost two years ago I met a dude named Jordan Bach by having in on this very podcast (you can listen to that convo here). Since then Jordan and I have  become friends so this conversation is less formal and more fun. We talk about everything from journaling to pop culture to internet trolls and I know you’ll love eavesdropping on our convo as much as I loved recording it. In case you don’t know Jordan or to refresh your memory he is a life coach, writer, and speaker. He’s been called “one of the LGBT architects of the next decade” by The Advocate. I’m so excited to for you to hear our chat and his inspiration. His is so wise, authentic, and most of all massively down-to-earth. He’s doing amazing work to inspire radical deep authenticity. We get deep into this more in this episode, but what Jordan believes is that authenticity is about balance and going in and out of authenticity with grace and ease. You’ll learn a bunch from this episode as well as simply have an awesome time listening to it.