094 | Kim Anami on Sexuality, Femininity, Vaginal Kung Fu and more! - Katie Dalebout

094 | Kim Anami on Sexuality, Femininity, Vaginal Kung Fu and more!

Last winter a friend of mine (also a past podcast guest, Elle Griffin) recommended I check out Kim Anami. Kim’s work explores sex, femininity, vaginal health, and relationships. To be honest I was really resistant and hesitant to explore these areas of my life. I didn’t feel comfortable with my sexuality and femininity at all, much less talking about it. At the same time though, I knew Kim’s work was exactly what I needed because it was far out of my comfort zone. I ended up signing up for Kim’s Vaginal Kung Fu course and diving in head first. While it was very new to me  I did it and learned so much about myself in the process. I’m so glad I found her work and as soon as it made a positive impact on my life I knew I had to share Kim’s work with you on the podcast. Today we get into why our sexual health is a crucial element to our overall holistic wellness and how we can better harness our powerful creative sexual energy. Go into listening to this episode with an open mind and if the content we discuss in the episode interests you check out Vaginal Kung Fu which is about to start soon and has a very helpful free video training series in preparation for that launch that you can watch for free here. There’s a lot of great info in the free videos alone.