095 | Valerie Chaney - Katie Dalebout

095 | Valerie Chaney

Valerie ChaneySome episodes are short, some are the standard hour length, and others are about 3 hours long. This is one of those episodes. My podcast hero Pete Holmes hosts a show I’ve spoken about many times called, You Made It Weird where most of the episodes are over two hours. I love every minute of those deep long form conversations but when I’m hosting I try to be mindful of the guest’s time. This time though I knew my guest would understand that the conversation we were having was just good to end after an hour because she too loves Pete’s podcast. In fact, Valerie Chaney is Pete’s girlfriend but our mutual love of his podcast isn’t the only reason I wanted to have Val on the show. She’s one of the coolest, smartest, and most down to earth people I’ve met on the internet and maybe IRL too. Val works with the organization Real Girl, which empowers girls with amazing tools including body image, confidence, understanding your period, and even feminism. I love this convo with Val so much. We get into everything from spirituality, to relationships, to body image, to creativity, to feminism. I know you’ll love her as much as I do. Enjoy eavesdropping on our conversation and the hit of sunshine you’ll get through Val’s sweetness throughout the episode.