096 | Robyn Youkilis Returns! - Katie Dalebout

096 | Robyn Youkilis Returns!

When I first started this podcast over 3 years ago I reached out to a bunch of people I admired to come on this show as guests…obviously.  This was a challenging task because at the time had zero followers so as you can imagine I got mostly no thank-you’s. However, a few people believed in me enough to give me over an hour of their time one-on-one time to come on my show. Robyn Youkilis was one of the few. Robyn was my fourth podcast guest (you can hear that convo here) and today she returns to the show with a bunch of huge life updates including the birth of her book Go With Your Gut. In this episode Robyn and I discuss body image, food, the writing process, and so many other elements of true holistic health. I’m so excited for you to listen to our conversation. Robyn is one smart lady who even reveals some cool secrets in this episode including the fact that she was in the movie Garden State. Listen to this episode for more on that and a bunch of other info on everything from digestive health to the negative effects of diet culture.