097 | Valentine's Day Special with Simi & Tim my couple crush - Katie Dalebout

097 | Valentine’s Day Special with Simi & Tim my couple crush

12107818_799201386852280_2133668852770067414_n-1I love Valentine’s Day. Oddly, this has been my favorite holiday ever since I can remember. If you’ve been reading my blog for ages you might remember this post or this post or this one about my affinity for February 14th. For Valentine’s Day week I thought I’d celebrate this year with an episode that’s special to me and a bit different from my typical interviews. This one is unique for a couple of reasons: it’s one of the few in-person interviews, we have two guests, and above all it’s a bit more fun and informal (although we actually talk about some deep stuff too). I recorded this episode with my ‘couple crush‘ Simi & Tim (Timi?), two of the kindest, smartest, and coolest people I’ve ever met (you might remember Simi from this episode). Separately they are each awesome and together they are pure gold. I love them individually, but their relationship itself really inspires me. After listening to today’s episode I think you’ll start to see why. I think it’s really important to have positive examples of relationships in our lives. I have a bunch and ‘Timi‘ are at the top of my list. We had a blast recording this episode and hope you enjoy eavesdropping on our 2 hour hang out too.*Note:: since this episode was recorded in person the audio will sound different than usual so you may need to adjust your volume to be able to hear Simi & Tim better and lower my voice if it’s too loud. We did the best we could with editing it but it’s not perfect, so please forgive the audio quality on this one. Don’t worry by the next live in-person episode I’ll have this sorted out. Thanks for being cool about it.