099 | Christy Harrison of Food Psych (Returns!) on Boundaries, Body-Image, and More! - Katie Dalebout

099 | Christy Harrison of Food Psych (Returns!) on Boundaries, Body-Image, and More!

Harrison,+Christine+EI should probably start a fan club for today’s guest, Christy Harrison. She’s seriously one of the coolest people I know, as you’ll hear in today’s conversation. This is actually the FOURTH podcast I’ve recorded with Christy and I know for a fact it won’t be the last. Since we recorded our first podcasts episodes together in person at her dinning room table in Brooklyn over 2 years ago [you can listen to me on her show once talking about my relationship to food here and hear Christy’s background and story here ] we’ve become really great friends. She’s become by podcast-big-sister and a mentor in so many ways. Last winter I returned to her show to talk about relationships and recovery and ever since then I couldn’t wait to have her back on my show again too. We don’t plan on stopping recording our conversations anytime soon, in fact we’re planning to do a live episode sometime in the near future too. Other than being funny, smart and a super cool, Christy is a nutritionist who runs a private practice where she specializes is eating disorder recovery and Health At Every Size (HAES). She’s been a huge help to me in healing my own lingering eating issues in the past few years both as a friend and through her amazing podcast Food Psych where she gets to know a diverse group of guests through the lens of their relationship with food and their bodies. It’s seriously one of my favorite podcasts on the internet so you should check it out immediately if you’re not already obsessed with it like I am. I eagerly await each new episode every two weeks. I’d really like it to be weekly again so if you want to help my that happen for me (and anyone else who listens) support her Patreon. Clearly, Christy is the best and today you’ll get to know her even better from our chat. You’ll feel like you’re just eavesdropping on two friends catching because you basically are since I forgot we were recording multiple times during this and never edit my episodes. Hope you have as much fun listening to this as I did recording it.